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Module documentation


Welcome in "WEBLUN », the lunar Web sites management module incorporated into the "Virtual Moon Atlas".


As amateur astronomers, we continue to improve the VMA in the mean of conceiving an always more useful software for lunar observers easy to use "in the field".

We always try to define the more easy to use abilities and interface. 

Here is why we have incorporated in this new VMA Pro version, a database manager called "WEBLUN" (Copyrighted name) that allows you if you have an Internet link to connect to lunar specialized Web sites.


This first version contains the most useful functionalities. We think to other ones that will be included in the future versions.

We wish you to read this documentation while using the module to discover all the functions. 

Good use and we hope that you will appreciate this new software and that you will promote it around you.


Thank you very much for your confidence.


Christian Legrand & Patrick Chevalley




WEBLUN © is a module of the "Virtual Moon Atlas" managing a specialized lunar Web sites database.


It can be launched from the "Command Center" if you click on the WEBLUN © button.







This database is certainly and presently the most complete possible. Inside, you will find interesting Web sites for Moon observing and survey with also sites telling the lunar exploration.

The database is continuously update by Christian Legrand.

We are listening our VMA users that could indicate us new lunar Web sites, but we can't guarantee that it would be included in the database.



 You will find the following fields :



A concise name of the site briefly describing the site if possible



French translation of  SITE_NAME



Native language of the site. If another language version exists, it will be indicated as « Japenese / english » for example. If several languages are available, it will be indicated as "Multilingual".



French translation of LANGUAGE



The main theme of the site. The main themes list is :

-         General site

-         Lunar atlas

-         Lunar probe

-         Lunar pictures site

-         Official organism

-         Non official organism

-         Online books

-         Astronomy magazine

-         Lunar software



French translation of THEME_EN



For some themes, it's possible to sort the sites with sub-themes. For example, the "Lunar probe" Theme has been subdivided for each of the lunar probes existing. In the same way, the theme "SpDans certains thèmes, il est possible de classer les sites en sous-thèmes. Ainsi le thème « Sonde lunaire » est subdivisé pour chacune des sondes lunaires. De même, le thème « Site spécialisé » est subdivisé dans les sous-thèmes suivants :

-         General

-         Observing guides

-         Volcanism

-         Mineralogy

-         Anomalies and LTP

-         Selenography

-         Nomenclature

-         Eclipses

-         Links list


The complete list of sub-themes will be given when the database will be stabilized.



French translation of SUB_THEME



The web site address as it has been recovered at the mentioned date in RECORDING_DATE. It's an Internet link directly clickable.



A brief description of the site introducing the main informations that make it attractive


French translation of DESCRIPTION_EN



The recording date in the database of the Web site ADDRESS. This permits to actualize more easily the oldest addresses



Franch translation of RECORDING_DATE.



You have realized an Internet site about the Moon and it's not in the WEBLUN © database ?

You can indicate it to us so that we can evaluate the interest for placing it in the database. Please contact Ch. Legrand at chlegrand@free.fr.


We are looking for sites with the following themes :

-         Site presenting lunar images with a high resolution (about 1 to 2 km/pix)présentant des images lunaires à haute définition

-         Site describing lunar formations


The authors will decide the inclusion or not in the database. If not, suggestions will be indicated to you.







WEBLUN © module can display and manage the associated Web sites database.

It has been conceived in the same way that DATLUN ©, the lunar formations databases manager of the VMA.






WEBLUN screen is in a "Windows" frame. As all the Windows frames, you can minimize or maximize its size with clicking on the buttons on the right of the menu bar.

It's possible to open simultaneously the ATLUN and WEBLUN modules, so that you can continue your lunar survey while connecting to the Web sites.


WEBLUN window presents :
- The Menus bar
- The "List" window
- The Status bar




This bar presents only two menus.


Traditional in all Windows (R) software, in WEBLUN, its role is only to come back to defaut settings and to quit WEBLUN.


"Reset selection" FUNCTION

Activating this function will come back to the complete database rather than the short list you have selected


This allows you to quit WEBLUN while closing the database and keeping all the sttings about the base, the columns and the selection you have previously done.


Traditional in all Windows (R) software, in WEBLUN, its role is only to display the present documentation with "Help" and to display thecedits with "About".




Three sorting fields allow you tos select Web sites with common points in the following database fields :

-         Theme

-         Sub-theme

-         Search


The field « theme » allows you to select sites on a selected theme that you can choose in the scrolling list.


The field « sub-theme » allows you to select sites on a selected theme that you can choose in the scrolling list.

The two "Search" fields allow you to select sites presenting in the field selected by the scrolling list and containing the alphanumerical chain that you enter in the right field.



The selected list window presents others functions useful for the datas sorting.



First note that the left column displaying the site name on a gray background is mandatory and can't be removed. Lifters on the right and the bottom of the window allow the liste move.


If you click on the grey title of one column, the list is resorted by numerical (if the field is numerical) or alphabetical (if the field is alphabetical) order increasing. If you click a second time, the liste is resorted in  decreasing order.



You can adjust columns width if you place the mouse cursor on its limit in the title bar. The cursor becomes a moving vertical line allowing the width setting..

Push the left mouse button, stay pushed and go on left or right to increase or decrease the column width.  



If you can't display all the length of a field because it's too long (as DESCRIPTION_SITE...), place the mouse cursor on it. A "bubble" appears containing all the field.

Also, if you double-click a line, your Web bowser is launched and it connects to the address of the site. ionné.






The status bar shows on the left the total number of selected lines.






WEBLUN © copyrighted by Christian Legrand.

WEBLUN database informations are also copyrighted by Christian Legrand


All use of WEBLUN outside of the Virtual Moon Atlas must obtain first the authorization of the authors.




 Copyright Christian Legrand & Patrick Chevalley / 2012

Les auteurs remercient les utilisateurs de bien vouloir leur signaler toute erreur trouvée dans ce manuel par le biais du forum du site Internet.