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Image statistics

From the menu Edit → Image statistics

Show statistics about the pixel values in the current image.

This show the following:

  • Min: The minimal value of a pixel.
  • Max: The maximal value of a pixel.
  • Mode: The mode of the image, i.e. the most frequent value. This is a good estimate of the sky background.
  • Median The median value of the image.
  • Mean: The mean value of all the pixel.
  • Std.Dev: The standard deviation from the mean value.

If the image is plate solved the following values are added:

  • Center RA2000: The J2000 right ascension of the image center.
  • Center Dec2000: The J2000 declination of the image center.
  • FOV: The image size width x height in minutes of arc.
  • Image scale: The image scale in second of arc per pixel.
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