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Video tool

This tool is only available for INDI camera with video stream capability, specifically on Linux and Mac.
Because of the way INDI record the video, the file is written on the computer running the INDI server.

The video tool appear in a new tab after the Sequence if the INDI camera you connected as video stream capability.

You must first set the preview rate in the Preview options. Do not use a too high value as this preview frames have to transit by the network.

Check Preview to visualize the frames.

Select the exposure range in the drop down box then adjust with the cursor.

Depending on the camera there can be other settings for the Gain, Gamma or Brightness.

The More settings button open the INDI client for this camera, this let you to access some properties specific to your camera.

Two more drop down list are to select the image size and the frame rate.

Next are the video capture options, you can limit the capture time or the number of frames.

The object name is use for the filename the same way as the static images.

Click the Start to start recording. The recording to the video file is alway directly done by the INDI driver without any action from CCDciel.

Use the Stop button if you want the stop the recording before the planned end.

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