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-====== CCDciel ​======+====CCDciel ​is a free CCD capture software intended for the amateur astronomer.====
-CCDciel is a free CCD capture ​software intended for the amateur astronomer.+CCDciel ​has all functionality required for advanced imaging of celestial objects including sequences for fully automated unattended operation. But it is also possible to make simple ​capture ​in a manual way.
-It include all the features required to perform digital imaging CCD observation of celestial objects.\\ +For devices connection it uses the [[http://​​|INDI]] and [[http://​​|ASCOM]] ​standards drivers. It can control the CCD/CMOS camera, focuser, filter wheel, rotator ​and telescope mount and uses image resolving software such for accurate positioning. It can serve both the beginner astro photographer as the advanced who can take a nap while the equipment is imaging.
-Using the standard drivers protocol ​[[http://​​|INDI]] and [[http://​​|ASCOM]] ​it can connect and control the CCD camera, ​the focuser, ​the filter wheel and the telescope mount.+
-[[en:​documentation:​start|The program ​documentation]] ​+You can use CCDciel on Windows, macOS or Linux.\\  
 +The program ​is still in beta version but it is now quit stable and run smoothly on every platform ​ \\ 
 +In any case I will appreciate your help for testing this software and reporting any bug or other problem you may encounter.
-[[en:screenshot:start|Some screen shot]]  ​to get an idea how it work+{{:​en:​ccdciel.png|The main window}} 
 +A copy of [[en:documentation:start|the program documentation]] in pdf format is included with the program. 
 +To install the program, look a  the [[en:​documentation:​start#​installation|specific instructions]] for your computer and [[http://​​projects/​ccdciel/​files/​|download from SourceForge]] the version you need, always ​get the latest version as it is frequently improved! ​
-[[http://​​projects/​ccdciel/​files/​|Download from SourceForge]],​ always get the latest version! ​ 
 [[en:​Contact]] [[en:​Contact]]
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