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 ====CCDciel is a free CCD capture software intended for the amateur astronomer.==== ====CCDciel is a free CCD capture software intended for the amateur astronomer.====
-It include ​all the features required ​to perform digital ​imaging ​CCD observation ​of celestial objects.\\ +CCDciel has all [[features|functionality]] ​required ​for advanced ​imaging of celestial objects ​including sequences for fully automated unattended operationBut it is also possible to make simple capture in a manual way.
-Using the standard drivers protocol [[http://​​|INDI]] and [[http://​​|ASCOM]] ​it can connect and control the CCD camera, the focuser, the filter wheel and the telescope mount.+
-You can use CCDciel on Windows, ​Mac OS X or Linux.+For devices connection it uses the [[http://​​|INDI]] and [[http://​​|ASCOM]] standards drivers. It can control the CCD/CMOS camera, focuser, filter wheel, rotator and telescope mount and uses image resolving software such for accurate positioning. It can serve both the beginner astro photographer as the advanced who can take a nap while the equipment is imaging. 
 +You can use CCDciel on Windows, ​macOS or Linux.\\  
 +The program is still in beta version but it is now quit stable and run smoothly on every platform ​ \\ 
 +In any case I will appreciate your help for testing this software and reporting any bug or other problem you may encounter.
 {{:​en:​ccdciel.png|The main window}} {{:​en:​ccdciel.png|The main window}}
-[[en:​documentation:​start|The program documentation]] ​+A copy of [[en:​documentation:​start|the program documentation]] ​in pdf format is included with the program. 
 +To install the program, look a  the [[en:​documentation:​start#​installation|specific instructions]] for your computer and [[http://​​projects/​ccdciel/​files/​|download from SourceForge]] the version you need, always get the latest version as it is frequently improved! ​
-[[en:screenshot:​start|Some screen shot]]  to get an idea how it work+You can ask the [[https://​​g/​ccdciel|user group]] for any question about the software usage.
-[[|Download from SourceForge]], always get the latest version! ​+The source code is available from [[|GitHub]]
 [[en:​Contact]] [[en:​Contact]]
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