Scheduled For Release 18-01-20
0001962: [General] cannot get picture to show (Patrick Chevalley)
0001969: [General] Images are blacked out with CCDCiel's STACK function (Patrick Chevalley)
0001988: [General] Show downloaded image every n frames (Patrick Chevalley)
0001992: [General] Auto focus interval is working on sequence but not on steps. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001987: [General] Sequence skip doesn't work (Patrick Chevalley)
0001996: [General] 0.9.43-1169-181be43 it not stable (Patrick Chevalley)
0001971: [General] HFD, FWHM calculation of faint stars, sigma factor used to measure the star flux/intensity. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001995: [General] Curvature indication for image inspection (Patrick Chevalley)
0001989: [General] Starting Light Exposure before Settling complete - please reopen 0001923 (Patrick Chevalley)
0001963: [General] Date/time is not updated to the mount upon startup (Patrick Chevalley)
0001923: [General] Dithering settling (Patrick Chevalley)
0001974: [General] Reliable abort of sequence (Patrick Chevalley)
0001983: [General] Unable to do flats via capture tool (Patrick Chevalley)
0001980: [General] GAIN should be saved in Fits Header (Patrick Chevalley)
0001981: [General] ASTAP plate solver, change in options (Patrick Chevalley)
0001976: [General] Image inspection, two colours for readability. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001961: [General] Saturated stars recorded as 0 ADU, not 65535 (Patrick Chevalley)
0001953: [General] Dark Night time (Patrick Chevalley)
0001929: [General] Cannot drag tools on the screen any more (Patrick Chevalley)
0001952: [General] Add Stop an object at dawn option and continue to next plan step (ie., script to park scope). (Patrick Chevalley)
0001945: [General] Reducing amount of mouseclicks while creating and editing a sequence (Patrick Chevalley)
0001948: [General] Waiting for dusk or dawn not correct cleared in sequence (Patrick Chevalley)
0001951: [General] Hang on PlateSolve 2 failure (Patrick Chevalley)
0001939: [General] Error processing temporary file in /home/starhopper/.config/ccdciel/tmp (Patrick Chevalley)
0001941: [General] Log with tabs SHOW ALL or MILESTONES ONLY (Patrick Chevalley)
0001940: [General] Message: Telescope: move completed --> telescope moved (Patrick Chevalley)
0001937: [General] Addition to fits header (Patrick Chevalley)
0001926: [General] Automatic flat generation stopped because of autoguiding (Patrick Chevalley)
0001935: [General] Colors of CCDCiel tools caption in Windows 10 (Patrick Chevalley)
0001925: [General] Log entry "Planetarium Error" without any error (Patrick Chevalley)
0001927: [General] Autofocus canceled because no star was found (Patrick Chevalley)
0001930: [General] Problem with slewing to object very near to the meridian. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001934: [General] Star detection, star missed (Patrick Chevalley)
0001931: [General] CCD inspector is measuring some stars twice (Patrick Chevalley)
0001924: [General] Cannot read star annotation (Patrick Chevalley)
0001932: [General] Not allow zero seconds in Preferences/Focus/FilterOffset/Exposure factor (Patrick Chevalley)
0001915: [General] Dynamic focusing using H-alpha filter, false detection. SNR working for individual stars? (Patrick Chevalley)
0001914: [General] V curve learning. Too big step initialy (Patrick Chevalley)
0001922: [General] Save profile settings without closing the app (Patrick Chevalley)
0001919: [General] Wrong text in frame tool? (Patrick Chevalley)
0001882: [General] Suggestions for Autofocus (Patrick Chevalley)
0001911: [General] CCDciel commandString ":MOUNTVER#" no non-EQMOD mounts. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001897: [General] Focus performance test, stored V-curve versus dynamic focus (Patrick Chevalley)
0001910: [General] Binning cannot be set, gain cannot be set on ZWO ASI183 (Patrick Chevalley)
0001906: [General] Pause after Dither (Patrick Chevalley)
0001907: [General] New focuser calibration tool (Patrick Chevalley)
0001905: [General] Adjustable gamma function for displaying FITS files (Patrick Chevalley)
0001903: [General] Subfolder Sorting by Date (Patrick Chevalley)
0001904: [General] option: Minimum search radius (Patrick Chevalley)
0001902: [General] Saved file sequence number (Patrick Chevalley)
0001901: [General] Sequence error (Patrick Chevalley)
0001887: [General] CCdciel status (Patrick Chevalley)
0001878: [General] Connect all, include guiding (Patrick Chevalley)
0001896: [General] Feature request: Tilt indication for image inspection (Patrick Chevalley)
0001895: [General] Aborting v-curve learning focuser does not revert to starting position (Patrick Chevalley)
0001870: [General] Ability to set Gain per filter (Patrick Chevalley)
0001874: [General] Add ISO or Gain setting (Patrick Chevalley)
0001891: [General] Edit FITS header (Patrick Chevalley)
0001888: [General] Clipping User Setting (Patrick Chevalley)
0001886: [General] not working if the user name is not in English letters (Patrick Chevalley)
0001889: [General] 64 bit version not wanted (Patrick Chevalley)
0001885: [General] Add 9x9 Binning to preview (Patrick Chevalley)
0001884: [General] Add Windows 64bit build (Patrick Chevalley)
0001867: [General] Access to running in a Linux subsystem of Win 64 bit (Patrick Chevalley)
0001868: [General] Feature request, a simple CCD inspector (Patrick Chevalley)
0001864: [General] V-curve learning bad quality - suggestions (Patrick Chevalley)
0001862: [General] Autofocus Dynamic FindStarPos : Access violation (Patrick Chevalley)
0001873: [General] ccdciel tried to slew mount even 'stay at current position is checked' (Patrick Chevalley)
0001875: [General] New menu item under help: show logfile
0001877: [General] Colors of CCDciel are not fully folllowing Windows theme colors (Patrick Chevalley)
0001716: [General] Support for Lin-guider (Patrick Chevalley)
0001865: [General] First AutoFocus image smeared. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001863: [General] Pressing Autofocus sets focuser/step to 5000 (Patrick Chevalley)
0001861: [General] FWHM value not shown in arcseconds (Patrick Chevalley)
0001859: [General] Unable to rename, copy or delete an existing profile (Patrick Chevalley)
0001854: [General] Option to includeCamera Cooler Set point in the image filename. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001856: [General] Wrong exec bit on some files (Patrick Chevalley)
0001855: [General] Observatory RA/DEC keywords
0001845: [General] Trunk 643, exception errors
0001836: [General] Sequence with several objects doesn't change position unless "Use astrometry" is selected. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001844: [General] slippage compensation (Patrick Chevalley)
0001842: [General] Changed appdata directory (Patrick Chevalley)
0001840: [General] Minor textual problem in menu autofocus (Patrick Chevalley)
0001839: [General] trunk 640, and PlatSolve2 report error (Patrick Chevalley)
0001837: [General] 10 seconds minimum for download (Patrick Chevalley)
0001835: [General] RA position of solved image varies (Patrick Chevalley)
0001830: [General] Temperature compensation working fine, only a tweak suggested (Patrick Chevalley)
0001829: [General] Feature request: Gain and offset in FITS header for Windows version (Patrick Chevalley)
0001834: [General] PlateSolve2 doesn't work if in Windows a komma s separator is defined. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001832: [General] PlateSolve2 has problems with solving some images if dimensions are a fraction too large. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001828: [General] Sequence stop (abort) is not instant
0001827: [General] Possibility to see clipped stars (Patrick Chevalley)
0001823: [General] Gain and offset in FITS header
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