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0001107SkyChart2-Catalog datapublic13-05-06 14:32
ReporteraruangraAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMK808 ARMOSUbuntu ARMHFOS Version12,10
Product Version3.7 SVN 
Target Version3.8Fixed in Version3.7 SVN 
Summary0001107: strange characters in SAC catalog
DescriptionI get strange characters showing on deep sky objects as shown here

This also happens with 3.6.
Steps To ReproduceClick on objects
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Patrick Chevalley

13-01-05 09:40

administrator   ~0002387

There is not only strange character but the whole record is corrupted. Size, coordinates are totally wrong, also there is no "plate defect" objects in SAC but only in NGC.

The stars look at the right place. Can you add a screenshot of the object detail for a star. I want to be sure that all the stars data are correct and look at the difference with the SAC record format.


13-01-05 10:59

reporter   ~0002389

These are some more results.

M1 in SAC (It is not right)

M42 in SAC (It is not right)

I choose NGC catalog (/usr/local/share/skychart/cat/ngc2000) as SAC (Default) in Catalog Setup)
The object location on the map seems correct but the description is wrong.

Bet UMi (It looks right)

M1 in NGC (It looks right)

Patrick Chevalley

13-01-05 12:04

administrator   ~0002390

I update the SAC record format to use the same data type as for the NGC.

Can you upgrade to svn 2360 and try.


13-01-05 12:46

reporter   ~0002391

It works now!

Thank you so much.

Patrick Chevalley

13-01-05 13:48

administrator   ~0002393

Some chance it work on the first try :-)

I close the issue now. Please open other issue if you get problem with other catalog or data.

I see on your screenshot that the planet computation do not work using the JPL ephemeris.
Can you open an issue for that and try if it show the planets if you remove the file /usr/local/share/skychart/data/jpleph/unxp2000.405

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