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Summary0001828: Sequence stop (abort) is not instant
DescriptionI downloaded the latest trunk and I see many improvements. :)

One minor problem is still there, the stop of a sequence. It doesn't stop immediately and keeps on doing activities.

Since i switch between between h-alpha and a simple UV/IR block filter, I have tweak the autofocus exposure times or I'm not happy with the position so i have sometimes to stop the sequence. It is due my poor preperations but still it would be nice to have a instant/immediate stop (abort) of the sequence. Attached my log of this evening. One sequence stop is at the beginning.

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17-11-02 22:52


Log_20171102_210813.log (18,086 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

17-11-03 09:12

administrator   ~0004224

Many operation are stopped immediately, for example when doing the long exposure, but not the auto-focus it was running when you stop the sequence.
This is a bit complicate and request a lot of testing because we not know exactly what is running at the moment we want to stop, it can be mount slew, check exposure, plate solving or the auto-focus sequence itself.
We also expect to return to the previous focuser position so it cannot be really instantaneous.
This need to add a CancelAutofocus function to manage all this case, and set the sequence led to red only after it is finish.

Patrick Chevalley

17-11-03 20:53

administrator   ~0004225

I have to make change in many part of the program to improve this point, but now it stop in a much quicker way and most important the sequence led remain green until it is really stopped.

This is in revision 616 to 621.

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