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0001880CCdciel[All Projects] Generalpublic18-10-23 16:44
ReporterThomas JaegerAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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Summary0001880: Show "time elapsed" and "estimated remaining time" on a sequence
DescriptionIt would be fine to see "time elapsed" and "estimated remaining time" on a sequence.

Preparing a sequence, the estimated time per object could be placed in the "edit target list/seqence line". On a running sequence it can be placed under the plan tab in the sequence tool?

Time elapsed is simple task. The remaining time is not simple because it should be estimated considering: dither, filter change and frame download.

Running the first image, the remaining time is simply valued from the frame exposure time. Than CCDCiel could messure the download time of a frame to refine the calculation. Dither is rather unpredictable and filter change is negligible on my opinion.

I had a SBIG Camera with USB1 and slow readout (>20s) and on the other hand I got an ASI1600 with USB3 and 1s, so download time matters.


related to 0001894 assignedPatrick Chevalley Flexibility in sequence editing while running 


Patrick Chevalley

18-01-21 14:36

administrator   ~0004393

Yes, this is something I often need when planning a night and at the moment I use paper and calculator.

As you say the difficulty is to take account for all the delay out of the exposure time itself. Maybe this can be learned from the previous sessions and kept in the configuration.
The most important elements to take account for depend on the kind of session you run. This is different if you take a single object with long exposure time for the whole night , or many dozen of objects with short exposure time.

The following times are probably relevant depending of the kind of session you run:

- slew to target, including plate-solving
- filter selection
- autofocus
- start guiding and dither
- image download
- meridian flip

I will start by adding the measurement for this values, then try to show something useful at run time and in the target editor.

Thomas Jaeger

18-01-21 15:55

reporter   ~0004396

This would be a feature, not seen in any other capture software. It is only a wish with a low priority.

Patrick Chevalley

18-02-16 18:07

administrator   ~0004453

I change the target version because it will be much more easy to implement this feature after I change the scheduler to use a database as I describe here:

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