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0001881CCdcielGeneralpublic19-11-14 20:25
ReporterThomas Jaeger Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Product Version0.9 
Target Version1.0 
Summary0001881: Add enable/disable button "Edit plan" dialog
DescriptionAt the moment the edit plan dialog has two columns: Seq and Descripton. Is it possible to add an enable/disable column between "seq" and "Description"? It would give this tool more flexibility eg. I could use the same plan for "RGB" and "L-RGB" sequences simply disabling the "L" line.

Additional InformationHave you ever considered to combine "Edit target list" and "Edit plan" to one dialog window. Simply a clue, not a wish.
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related to 0001894 assignedPatrick Chevalley Flexibility in sequence editing while running 


Thomas Jaeger

18-01-18 14:33


CCDCiel Plan.png (31,347 bytes)   
CCDCiel Plan.png (31,347 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

18-01-21 15:03

administrator   ~0004394

I think this is a bit dangerous because in this case you cannot know if you will do RGB or LRGB without opening the plan and checking every row.
In this case I prefer to copy LRGB to RGB and delete the L row, this way I immediately know what it do.

For my use I have about 10 different plan with different filter combination and total exposure time, I name them like LRGB-4h and LRGB-8h.
Then on a given night I select the targets I want to image and the plan to use depending on the available time.
I not need to mess every time with all the details of the plan, I know this is value that work for me and I can safely reuse them.
And this is why I prefer to have two different dialog to edit them.

Do you have other use that may work better with this enable/disable button?

Thomas Jaeger

18-01-21 16:14

reporter   ~0004398

You are absolutely right. It were dangerous, if it is placed on the right side of the plan window. But in the table it would be clear and easy.
Maybe I got a wrong understanding of target and plan. e.g.

Target: M8
Plan: L, R, G, B, Ha, Flat, Bia.... plan and wait for a clear night

In the first night perhaps, I will do LRGB and Flats, in a second night I will do Ha and Ha-Flats.
 So I could use simply one target for one object.

Enable/disable rows will substantially reduce the number of plans : RGB4m, L-RGB4m, HaLRGB4m, Ha8m, HaOII8min....

Patrick Chevalley

18-01-21 16:37

administrator   ~0004400

Yes this is a good case but my intention is to add an automatic restart capability in the future.
So whenever a plan stop for any reason (cloud, object below horizon, twilight, computer crash,...) you can restart it at the exact point it stopped, even in the middle of a step. For example take the 5 remaining B and continue with Ha,...

In this case you have a single plan with all the steps and the target set to stop when below the horizon or at twilight. The next night you just select to continue the same target list.

At the moment I manage that manually by copying the original plan to a temporary plan I alway name Restart.
In this Restart plan I delete the completed steps and change the exposure count for the current step.

Thomas Jaeger

18-01-21 16:53

reporter   ~0004401

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My fault is, that in CCDCiel Target and Plan are saved separately not together. So a plan can be reused by other targets.

It is a very good idea, to have the possibility to restart a sequence in such a case. But I think in such a situation, target and plan must be saved together.

Here at my home germany it is very unlikely to continue a target the next day or week. So the plan will be reused with other targets.
Maybe a idea, use plans only as profiles and add it to targets. The user has to save only one file per target.

If my feature request interferes with your strategy for CCDCiel, than close this item, absolutely no problem for me.


Patrick Chevalley

18-02-16 18:12

administrator   ~0004454

This is also something I prefer to do when moving the active sequence to a database.

After the sequence is loaded to the database it can be edited with change valid only for this instance and without modifying the original plan file.

Patrick Chevalley

19-11-14 20:25

administrator   ~0006087

I am reviewing old issues still open.

I think this one is now solved because you can set the Repeat count to zero to skip a plan step or a target.

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