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0001887CCdcielGeneralpublic18-02-17 17:35
Reportertango13 Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Summary0001887: CCdciel status
DescriptionHi Patrick,
apart from the obvious way of watching the PC screen, is there a way to query CCdciel (for example through a command) to know its global status, i.e. guide star locked or not, taking frame x of y, filter being used etc.?
I'm asking because I'd like to present this kind of information on a small OLED screen like a control panel.
Thank you.
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Patrick Chevalley

18-01-29 21:36

administrator   ~0004421

At the moment the only option is to parse the log file but this not convenient.

I can add a socket server with a command that return the status, this can be a list of connected devices, the text at the bottom of the screen and sequence status.


18-01-29 21:55

reporter   ~0004422

Wow Patrick, that would be fantastic!
Thank you very much.

Patrick Chevalley

18-02-17 17:35

administrator   ~0004456

I add some command in revision 799:

Tell me if you need other information to be returned.

You can connect to the port 3277 and use the following command:
status : return the devices connection status
sequence : return info about current sequence
capture : the capture info in the status bar
log : the last 10 lines of the log

For example:

$ telnet localhost 3277
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
OK! id=1

Planetarium connected, Autoguider guiding, Devices connected

Targets: test1 Plan: L-3x2 Start step R

Seq: 2 Exp: 19 sec. Saved /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161453.fits 1392x1040

17:13:46:Saved file /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161346.fits
17:13:46:Starting Light exposure 2 for 20 seconds
17:14:07:Saved file /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161407.fits
17:14:07:Starting Light exposure 3 for 20 seconds
17:14:27:Saved file /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161427.fits
17:14:27:Stop capture
17:14:33:Start step R
17:14:33:Start capture
17:14:33:Starting Light exposure 1 for 20 seconds
17:14:53:Saved file /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161453.fits
17:14:53:Starting Light exposure 2 for 20 seconds

Connection closed by foreign host.

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