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0001929CCdcielGeneralpublic18-06-26 17:36
ReporterThomas Jaeger Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSLinux Mint  
Product Version0.9 
Target Version1.0 
Summary0001929: Cannot drag tools on the screen any more
DescriptionI cannot drag tools on the screen like mentioned in the documentation.
I remember this was the case earlier. Is this gone?
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Patrick Chevalley

18-04-11 12:09

administrator   ~0004681

For me this work.

This can be a bit difficult because the drop area on the border of the frame are not very width.
But now you can also try to move a box to another tab by dropping on the tab button, this is normally more easy.

To start to drag a box you must click the tittle, this not work on other area to avoid wrong behavior in the dark. For the log window you must click the small vertical bar on the left.

After drag is started the mouse cursor change to "forbidden" icon, and when over a valid drop area it change to the "arrow with a small box" icon and you can release the mouse button.

Thomas Jaeger

18-04-11 16:43

reporter   ~0004689

Ok, you are right, moving does work indeed. I have never thought that it works, because my third try at night failed.

Today in the lab, I tried it on 3 different machines (2x PC (Mint), 1x RaspberryPI3b (Ubuntu-Mate) ) and I cannot agree with mouse pointer changes. The "forbidden" icon is a cross in my case. But your stated "arrow with a small box" is simply a arrow in my case on all 3 machines, so the user thinks he is not in the ccdciel window any more. The first movement is a hassle. I had to point the exact middle of the border to succeed. If there are already tools on a side, it is easy to place further tools. A friend of mine was not able to place the first tool with this notebook mousepad.

I tried to make a screenshoot, but I did not find a way that the mousepointer on it.

Maybe there is a way to increase the reception range of this.


Patrick Chevalley

18-04-11 17:51

administrator   ~0004691

The width or height of an empty drop area is 3 pixels. This is to not take too much space on small screen like my Eee netbook but maybe I need to scale that to make it more easy on high resolution screen?

The cursor aspect may depend on the mouse cursor theme selected on each computer.
The attached animation is done on a RPi2 with Mate and the Ambiant-MATE theme selected in System/Preferences/Look and feel/Appearence , I think this is the default.
dragdrop.gif (277,070 bytes)   
dragdrop.gif (277,070 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

18-04-11 19:24

administrator   ~0004692

I make two changes that must improve the situation.

The empty drop area are a bit bigger if the screen height is more than 1024, and they are scaled for high resolution screen.
When the drag cursor is over an empty drop area the area color is highlighted to make it more visible.

I let the issue open so you can test with the next version and report any problem.

Patrick Chevalley

18-04-11 20:48

administrator   ~0004693

About the cursor icon, for a remote session it look like this must be dependent of some VNC setting.

The above screenshot where done with a VNC session to the RPi and the mouse cursor is correctly show. But I just try with my eee and it only show the local cursor arrow and not take account for remote cursor change.

The difference is the RPi use a pseudo X display run by Xvnc without relation to the physical screen, but the eee use vino to share the physical screen.

Thomas Jaeger

18-04-11 21:12

reporter   ~0004694

Thanks for the detailed investigation. I will try next version and give feedback.

Both my Astrolaptop and my Linux Lab PC were not remote, they do not have a arrow with a box, as shown on the gif. Remote with VNC there may be other cursors. You are right.
To be complete, I installed it on windows. And here there it is a "arrow with a box".

After all, this is a tweak with a very very low priority.


Patrick Chevalley

18-06-26 17:36

administrator   ~0004803

I think this issue can be closed, the color change of the drop area must give enough feedback even if the cursor cannot be changed.

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