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0001945CCdcielGeneralpublic18-06-26 17:24
ReporterThomas Jaeger Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSLinux Mint OS Version18.3
Product Version0.9 
Target Version1.0 
Summary0001945: Reducing amount of mouseclicks while creating and editing a sequence
DescriptionThe roadmap suggests change in sequence handling.

At the moment, I love the clean and straightforward interface of ccdciel's sequence dialogs. My suggestion is to combine "Edit target list" and "Edit plan" to one window. Than transform the plan to a editable table (yellow functions). This reduces the time to create a sequence enormous. The green functions can be hidden to further dialog.

Sometimes I miss a "save as" button.

Additional InformationThe state of the "run unattanded" button is not saved in profile or sequence.
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Thomas Jaeger

18-05-29 18:15


ciel-sequence-dialogs.jpg (221,213 bytes)   
ciel-sequence-dialogs.jpg (221,213 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

18-06-11 09:07

administrator   ~0004776

Yes, the interface can be improved in this version, without waiting for the new sequencer. I add a lot of function and this need some cleanup.
The idea of an editable table is good.

I can add the "save as" button but normally I use Copy before Edit.

Patrick Chevalley

18-06-26 17:24

administrator   ~0004801

This is available in the new version 0.9.39.
There is editable table, save as button and unattended status is saved in the config. Also you can configure what to do when the sequence is finished.

Please look at the updated documentation:

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