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0001974CCdcielGeneralpublic18-09-23 14:58
Reporterhan Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Target Version1.0 
Summary0001974: Reliable abort of sequence
DescriptionCCDCIEL works pretty well. The only problem I would like to have solved is an reliable sequence abort. Very often after a manual sequence stop, some processes continue (or I can't start manual focus routine) and only way to resolve it is to stop and restart the program.

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18-09-04 23:17

reporter   ~0004831

Here an example. I stopped the sequence, The green light turned red but the sequence keeps on going. The sequence can only be stopped by closing the program. Reason I stopped the sequence because the mount was showing drift while doing an autofocus and I decided to stop the sequence and try to start an other sequence (and object) . Full log attached

While the ight was red, I tried to start the new sequence:
2018-09-04T22:58:46.005 0: Capture already running! please stop it first if you want to start a new sequence.


2018-09-04T22:58:03.463 1: Sequence stopped by user request, no termination script will be run.
2018-09-04T22:58:03.488 3: Take control exposure for 20.0 seconds
2018-09-04T22:58:29.052 3: Resolve control exposure
2018-09-04T22:58:29.127 3: Resolving using ASTAP ...
2018-09-04T22:58:33.474 2: Open file C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\ccdciel\tmp\ccdcielsolved.fits
2018-09-04T22:58:33.483 2: ASTAP resolve successful. Solved in 4 seconds , offset 0.0512 degree
2018-09-04T22:58:33.511 3: Distance to target: 3.34022 arcmin
2018-09-04T22:58:33.517 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Sync to 19h37m25s/+29d48m41s
2018-09-04T22:58:35.732 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slewing to 19h37m10s/+29d48m35s
2018-09-04T22:58:39.696 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slew is complete
2018-09-04T22:58:46.005 0: Capture already running! please stop it first if you want to start a new sequence.
2018-09-04T22:59:09.778 3: Take control exposure for 20.0 seconds
2018-09-04T22:59:32.952 3: Resolve control exposure
2018-09-04T22:59:33.932 3: Resolving using ASTAP ...
2018-09-04T22:59:39.580 2: Open file C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\ccdciel\tmp\ccdcielsolved.fits
2018-09-04T22:59:39.589 2: ASTAP resolve successful. Solved in 7 seconds , offset 0.0061 degree
2018-09-04T22:59:39.655 3: Distance to target: 0.62302 arcmin
2018-09-04T22:59:39.667 2: Precision slew finished.
2018-09-04T22:59:39.674 2: Restart autoguider
2018-09-04T22:59:51.277 2: Autoguider: Star Selected
2018-09-04T22:59:56.477 2: Autoguider: Looping Exposures
2018-09-04T23:00:01.578 2: Autoguider: Lock Position Set
2018-09-04T23:00:01.700 2: Autoguider: Looping Exposures
2018-09-04T23:00:06.828 2: Autoguider: Lock Position Set
2018-09-04T23:00:06.933 2: Autoguider: Start Guiding
Log_20180904_214810.log (23,634 bytes)

Thomas Jaeger

18-09-12 21:14

reporter   ~0004836

I got the same problem.
Until a fix, the stop button in the capture tool can stop a "wild running" sequence in my setup.


18-09-16 21:56

reporter   ~0004840

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Attached an other example. See the last part of the log. I tried to stop the sequence while the focus routine was just started. There was no way to stop/abort it, except by closing the program. I didn't try the stop button of the capture tool as suggested by Thomas.

Later, yes the stop button of the camera menu can stop it. :)

Log_20180916_210022.log (15,400 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

18-09-18 14:21

administrator   ~0004852

Thank you for the log, I try to find a fix.

Patrick Chevalley

18-09-23 14:58

administrator   ~0004879

This is fixed by:

Most important point is removing CancelAutofocus:=false; in Tf_sequence.EndSequence()
Other changes are to speedup the stop process.

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