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0001975SkyChart1-Softwarepublic18-10-01 10:09
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Summary0001975: Problem with skychart 4.1, indi driver and 10 micron mount

I used to connect skychart to a 10 micron mount via the ethernet IP address of the mount (
No problem with skychart 4.0 and old LX200 obsolete driver.
With Skychart 4.1 i have to use indi driver indi_LX200_10micron (images attached).
I can connect the mount but with difficulty and Skychart uses 100% CPU ; so it is very very low and unusable.
Any idea to resolve this issue ?

Thanks a lot,


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Jacques Montier

18-08-24 11:22


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Sélection_023.png (43,054 bytes)
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Sélection_021.png (36,185 bytes)
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Sélection_022.png (30,771 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

18-09-18 10:08

administrator   ~0004846

Bonjour Jacques,

I not have this issue with other INDI mount.
I suspect the INDI driver to send too much data to Skychart, for example a position update 100x by seconds.

In version 4.1 you can trace all the INDI protocol to a file. Check "Protocol trace" above the "Connect" button in the CdC INDI connection panel.
This make a file cdc_inditrace.log in your home directory.
Let it run until you see this 100% cpu and click the "Disconnect" button.
zip and upload the file here.

Jacques Montier

18-09-25 10:54

reporter   ~0004885

Bonjour Patrick,

Thanks for your answer.
So i tried again the last version of CdC with the indi 10micron driver and the Protocol trace checked.
I launched the indi driver via indistarter, then i connect the mount with the Connect button.
Connection seemed to work (it changed from red to green), but nothing happened ; mount did not move.
So i opened the indi gui panel and saw that the mount was not connected.
After connecting the mount, evereything begins to freeze as CPU increased to 100%, so i had to kill Skychart.
Here is the attached file cdc_initrace.log.
I hope that will help you.


Jacques (8,514 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

18-09-29 17:15

administrator   ~0004911

Merci Jacques,

It look like CdC get flooded by properties define send ever and ever by the driver. This is not normal but I need to protect CdC again that.

I try to reproduce using the driver indi_lx200_10micron in simulation mode but in this case it only send the define once.

I prefer to solve this first issue before you make more testing.

Patrick Chevalley

18-10-01 10:09

administrator   ~0004915


Can you try with today beta version available from :

Activate the trace and try to connect the mount.
Now it produce 3 files cdc_indi*.log , please zip this 3 files and upload here.

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