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0001975SkyChart1-Softwarepublic19-12-15 22:12
ReporterJacques Montier Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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PlatformLinux 64 bitsOSLinux Mint 19OS Version19
Summary0001975: Problem with skychart 4.1, indi driver and 10 micron mount

I used to connect skychart to a 10 micron mount via the ethernet IP address of the mount (
No problem with skychart 4.0 and old LX200 obsolete driver.
With Skychart 4.1 i have to use indi driver indi_LX200_10micron (images attached).
I can connect the mount but with difficulty and Skychart uses 100% CPU ; so it is very very low and unusable.
Any idea to resolve this issue ?

Thanks a lot,


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Jacques Montier

18-08-24 11:22


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Patrick Chevalley

18-09-18 10:08

administrator   ~0004846

Bonjour Jacques,

I not have this issue with other INDI mount.
I suspect the INDI driver to send too much data to Skychart, for example a position update 100x by seconds.

In version 4.1 you can trace all the INDI protocol to a file. Check "Protocol trace" above the "Connect" button in the CdC INDI connection panel.
This make a file cdc_inditrace.log in your home directory.
Let it run until you see this 100% cpu and click the "Disconnect" button.
zip and upload the file here.

Jacques Montier

18-09-25 10:54

reporter   ~0004885

Bonjour Patrick,

Thanks for your answer.
So i tried again the last version of CdC with the indi 10micron driver and the Protocol trace checked.
I launched the indi driver via indistarter, then i connect the mount with the Connect button.
Connection seemed to work (it changed from red to green), but nothing happened ; mount did not move.
So i opened the indi gui panel and saw that the mount was not connected.
After connecting the mount, evereything begins to freeze as CPU increased to 100%, so i had to kill Skychart.
Here is the attached file cdc_initrace.log.
I hope that will help you.


Jacques (8,514 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

18-09-29 17:15

administrator   ~0004911

Merci Jacques,

It look like CdC get flooded by properties define send ever and ever by the driver. This is not normal but I need to protect CdC again that.

I try to reproduce using the driver indi_lx200_10micron in simulation mode but in this case it only send the define once.

I prefer to solve this first issue before you make more testing.

Patrick Chevalley

18-10-01 10:09

administrator   ~0004915


Can you try with today beta version available from :

Activate the trace and try to connect the mount.
Now it produce 3 files cdc_indi*.log , please zip this 3 files and upload here.

Jacques Montier

18-10-31 17:22

reporter   ~0005020

Hello Patrick,

I tried connecting the 10micron via indi driver with skychart 4.1.1 beta-3801-5485638.
After loading indi_10midron driver with indistarter-1.30, CPU is still 100% used even when CdC is stopped.
Here are the attached logs
PS : loading the indi driver, connecting the 10micron mount and moving it works fine with kstars

Cheers, (6,843 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

18-11-06 10:53

administrator   ~0005045

Hello Jacques,

I try to interpret your logs but this is a bit difficult to interpret because nothing is really wrong except we no receive any message from the driver after a last message that give the mount firmware version.
The only strange point is the firmware date: "Firmware Date">32517-00-1829453241T
But this message is totally ignored by CdC so this not hurt.

After that there is 47 seconds of wait before you ask the telescope to slew. So at this time CdC was still responsive?
Anyway the Send message is printed, this meant the CdC Indi receive loop was still working but we really not receive anything from the server.

You also say the CPU was still 100% after you close CDC?
Can you use the top command in a terminal to see what process is responsible for that?

Jacques Montier

18-11-10 12:22

reporter   ~0005049

Hello Patrick,

New tests with Skychart and indi_lx200_10micron.
You can download the file here :
I added some description of the issue in the rapport.pdf.



Patrick Chevalley

18-11-12 10:12

administrator   ~0005057

This is very strange, the indi driver go in loop at 100% cpu after connection and after it define the PRODUCT_INFO property. At this moment it not send anything more to CdC.

A point to check is the drivers default options. Maybe some option required for the driver are not loaded correctly.
Can you try the following:
- start the server using Indistarter
- when it go green, click the "INDI client" button in Indistarter
- open the telescope tab, then Options tab.
- on the line Configuration, click Load button
- start Skychart and connect the telescope

Patrick Chevalley

19-06-20 10:22

administrator   ~0005705


There is unfortunately nothing I can change in CdC for this issue as it is working with all the other INDI mount driver.

Please re-open this issue if you find what specific initialization is required for your mount.

Patrick Chevalley

19-07-02 09:12

administrator   ~0005731

I want to re-open to ask your feedback with the last beta version, dated at least from July 1.

I solve a similar symptom with a camera in CCDciel, the cause of the issue was asking INDI to load the default options when the device is already connected. For some unknown reason this produce this symptom with some drivers.
Working on this issue I also change the way the INDI messages are handled.

Testing this change with CdC I remark the option "Load INDI configuration" was effectively changed by the checkbox, but not reported right in subsequent session.

So can you test with the last beta version, in the CdC INDI connection box be sure "Load INDI configuration" is unchecked, then try to connect to the mount.

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