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0001978CCdciel[All Projects] Generalpublic19-06-08 18:51
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Summary0001978: Adding a "pause" button to control a sequence
DescriptionIn the sequence tab there are to buttons "Start" and "Stop". Is it possible to add a pause button?

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has duplicate 0002026 resolvedPatrick Chevalley Suggestion : pause sequence button 
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Thomas Jaeger

18-09-05 22:49


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screen.jpg (222,683 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

18-09-18 14:13

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This is something I want to add but probably not before version 2.0, after the new scheduler is implemented.

At the moment it is even difficult to stop a sequence, see 0001974 .
So restarting after that can be challenging.
We also need to clarify what the pause button do exactly, do it abort the current operation or wait for completion ?
Waiting can be long in the case of an exposure, it can also be long and useless in the case of auto-focus.
Aborting must be done in a way the operation can be restarted, ensuring the telescope is not moving away, or the camera is not let in a unusable state.


18-09-21 09:39

reporter   ~0004874

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I agree it is a good idea. Sometimes I'm not happy with the focus and would like to have the possibility to start an extra autofocus run. An other reason could be a sudden loss of guiding due to mechanical problems and you want to reposition the telescope pointing. A third reason could be the desire to modify the sequence halfway.

I assume it is difficult to implement. It is a wish, not a must. :)

Thomas Jaeger

18-09-21 13:51

reporter   ~0004876

IIt is a wish for 2.0.
After pressing pause there might be a ask from CCDCiel :
1. Pause and discard runnung exposure
2. Pause and complete running exposure
3. Pause after completion of running step

Patrick Chevalley

19-06-08 18:50

administrator   ~0005685

This is solved with the new option "Keep completion status" available in next version 0.9.57.
The documentation:

You can simply use the Stop button to interrupt the sequence and click Start when ready to continue.

The new Reset button clear the completion status and allow to restart the full sequence from the beginning.

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