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0002008CCdciel[All Projects] Generalpublic18-11-19 18:04
ReporterCedric RaguenaudAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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Summary0002008: Suggestion: in sequence, specify minimum angle to the moon
DescriptionWhen the moon is large, we can still try to image, but it needs to be at a minimal distance from the moon (e.g. 30 degrees). Maybe add the option on the sequence screen?
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related to 0002030 assignedPatrick Chevalley Suggestion: assign weight to targets in sequence before running 


Thomas Jaeger

18-11-01 12:02

reporter   ~0005022

I see such a option in the preferences, but I do not like such a option, because it is a source of error. Fancy your sequence starts, one our later the moon rises and it stops during your sleep.

Cedric Raguenaud

18-11-01 12:19

reporter   ~0005023

But if it's an option and you don't like the idea you can disable it.

It wouldn't make much sense for single target sequences. Although you can argue that if the moon is too close unless you take very narrow band your photos will be ruined anyway.

I'm thinking about long sequence where if a target isn't suitable, you move on to the next one which might be on the other side of the sky. As we have the skip option, it would be a logical extension.

Patrick Chevalley

18-11-03 11:35

administrator   ~0005031

Asteroid astrometry is a typical target you can do as long the moon do not make light reflection in the image.

Maybe we can add parameters to configure the "dark night" option. The default option will be no moon at all but it can be changed to give a target distance to the moon.

Cedric Raguenaud

18-11-03 12:02

reporter   ~0005033

That sounds like a good option.

Cedric Raguenaud

18-11-03 17:40

reporter   ~0005035

We could have 2 options for the moon :
- minimum angle from the moon.
- maximum % of full moon allowed (e.g. Up to 35% is OK).

Patrick Chevalley

18-11-19 18:04

administrator   ~0005111

Making the Moon distance to participate to the weight as proposed in 0002030 is a good solution.

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