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0002019CCdciel[All Projects] Generalpublic18-11-17 21:09
ReporterCedric RaguenaudAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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Target Version2.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0002019: Suggestion: add option to cancel exposure when PhD deviates too much
DescriptionAdd the option to cancel the current exposure when PhD guiding's total RMS goes over a certain value more than e.g. 2 cycles. That would avoid fat stars and trails.
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related to 0002025 assignedPatrick Chevalley Suggestion : cancel exposure button 


Patrick Chevalley

18-11-13 22:41

administrator   ~0005070

This look possible, the PHD2 event monitor send this information, AvgDist, in the GuideStep event.
The value is in pixel but we can also ask for the pixel size in arcseconds.

The abort condition can be set as AvgDist>limit[arcsec] for more than X seconds.

If this condition is raised the program must:
- abort main camera exposure
- stop autoguiding
- start autoguiding
- restart exposure without increment of the counter

Restarting the autoguiding is necessary to reset the lock position, because if it was not successful to recenter the guide star in the previous 15 seconds it will probably not in the next. Also the settling wait after the restart must ensure the guiding is now good.

Cedric Raguenaud

18-11-13 22:51

reporter   ~0005072

I was thinking simpler : if AvgDist>limit[arcsec] for more than X seconds, cancel the current exposure and wait until PhD does its job and recenters (I. E. AvgDist<limit[arcsec] again).

Patrick Chevalley

18-11-14 09:47

administrator   ~0005073

Yes this is better this way.

Cedric Raguenaud

18-11-14 15:01

reporter   ~0005080

I guess in the case the coordinates of the target are known, if after Y seconds PhD isn't reporting that it's guiding again <limit[arcsec], ccdciel could stop guiding, recenter (with plate solving if the option is activated), then start guiding again.

Patrick Chevalley

18-11-17 21:09

administrator   ~0005106

As for 0002025 the problem is to cleanly stop the current exposure without the risk to break the sequence depending on the current operation.
It is safer to report to V2.0

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