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Summary0002052: Pop-up menu options "Preview debayer" and "preview raw"
DescriptionThe pop-up options "Preview debayer" and "preview raw" could be combined in a checkable menu "Preview debayer" as shown in attached sketch. Any reason why these two menus are seperate?

Note that most literature is now calling this demosaic rather then debayer. See for example the reference list of Wikipedia:
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19-01-09 19:44


preview debayer.png (17,909 bytes)
preview debayer.png (17,909 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

19-01-09 21:29

administrator   ~0005237

No reason for that, maybe only because I not use it very often...

Yes, this is much better with a checkbox:

I keep debayer because this is widely used in astronomy. For example the PixInsight tool is named Debayer.

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