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0002055CCdciel[All Projects] Generalpublic19-01-17 22:28
ReporterCedric RaguenaudAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target Version1.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0002055: Safety monitor and autofocus
DescriptionI wrote a safety monitor driver for my home made hardware. It works quite well with CCDCiel. I setup rules so that when the safety monitor says it's not safe to continue, the sequence is stopped, the autoguiding is stopped, and the telescope parked. That mostly works.

It doesn't work though when the safety monitor triggers during autofocus. The telescope got parked, but it continued to try to autofocus in a loop (it couldn't see stars anymore). In the end I had to disconnect the cameras.

BTW, the same happens when you try to stop a sequence during autofocus: it generally fails to stop.
Additional InformationLog:

2019-01-17T19:36:11.439 CCDciel Version beta 0.9.52-873-7fbb56e 2019/01/17 17:29:10
2019-01-17T19:36:11.439 Compiled with: Lazarus Free Pascal 3.0.4 Win32-i386-win32
2019-01-17T19:36:11.439 9: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17134 64 bits
2019-01-17T19:36:11.517 9: ASCOM Platform 6.4,
2019-01-17T19:36:11.517 1: CCDciel Version beta 0.9.52 initialized
2019-01-17T19:36:11.517 3: Using configuration file ccdciel.conf
2019-01-17T19:36:21.362 9: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Driver version: 0.1
2019-01-17T19:36:21.362 1: Camera connected
2019-01-17T19:36:22.377 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Set temperature -10.0
2019-01-17T19:36:22.393 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Set cooler : True
2019-01-17T19:36:22.393 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Connected
2019-01-17T19:36:27.409 9: ASCOM.HomeMade.Focuser: Driver version: 0.5
2019-01-17T19:36:27.550 3: ASCOM.HomeMade.Focuser: Connected
2019-01-17T19:36:27.550 1: Focuser connected
2019-01-17T19:36:27.566 9: EQMOD.Telescope: Driver version: 1.0
2019-01-17T19:36:27.581 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Connected
2019-01-17T19:36:27.581 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Mount capabilities: EQmod CanPark CanSlew CanSlewAsync CanSync CanSetTracking
2019-01-17T19:36:27.597 1: Mount connected
2019-01-17T19:36:27.722 2: Camera cooler : True
2019-01-17T19:36:28.831 2: Camera frame x=0 y=0 width=5544 height=3684
2019-01-17T19:36:29.034 9: ASCOM.HomeMade.ObservingConditions: Driver version: 0.2
2019-01-17T19:36:29.034 3: ASCOM.HomeMade.ObservingConditions: Connected
2019-01-17T19:36:30.191 1: Weather station connected
2019-01-17T19:36:30.191 1: Weather monitor report: Good
2019-01-17T19:36:30.378 9: ASCOM.HomeMade.SafetyMonitor: Driver version: 0.1
2019-01-17T19:36:30.394 3: ASCOM.HomeMade.SafetyMonitor: Connected
2019-01-17T19:36:30.394 1: Safety monitor connected
2019-01-17T19:36:30.409 1: Autoguider: Connecting
2019-01-17T19:36:30.472 1: Autoguider: PHD version: 2.6.5dev6
2019-01-17T19:36:30.487 2: Autoguider: Stopped
2019-01-17T19:36:31.175 1: Planetarium: Cartes du Ciel connected
2019-01-17T19:37:39.818 2: Start capture
2019-01-17T19:37:39.865 1: Starting Light exposure 1/1 for 10 seconds
2019-01-17T19:37:59.874 1: Saved file C:\APT_Images\CameraCCD_1\Light\test\test_10s_1x1_-6.2C_20190117_183759_11.fits
2019-01-17T19:37:59.874 2: Stop capture
2019-01-17T19:38:30.508 3: Safety monitor: Safe
2019-01-17T19:41:40.553 2: Start capture
2019-01-17T19:41:40.568 1: Starting Light exposure 1/1 for 10 seconds
2019-01-17T19:42:00.407 1: Saved file C:\APT_Images\CameraCCD_1\Light\test\test_10s_1x1_-9.9C_20190117_184159_11.fits
2019-01-17T19:42:00.407 2: Stop capture
2019-01-17T19:42:50.226 2: Start capture
2019-01-17T19:42:50.231 1: Starting Light exposure 1/1 for 10 seconds
2019-01-17T19:43:10.256 1: Saved file C:\APT_Images\CameraCCD_1\Light\test\test_10s_1x1_-9.9C_20190117_184309_11.fits
2019-01-17T19:43:10.260 2: Stop capture
2019-01-17T19:44:25.367 1: Starting sequence
2019-01-17T19:44:35.724 3: CCD temperature: -10.0
2019-01-17T19:44:35.731 1: Starting sequence Iot Cep
2019-01-17T19:44:35.738 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:44:35.879 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Stop telescope motion.
2019-01-17T19:44:35.949 1: Initialise target Iot Cep
2019-01-17T19:44:35.952 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:44:38.144 3: EQMOD.Telescope: start tracking
2019-01-17T19:44:38.258 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slewing to 22h50m20s/+66d18m11s
2019-01-17T19:44:41.264 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slew is complete
2019-01-17T19:44:51.274 3: Take control exposure for 10.0 seconds
2019-01-17T19:44:53.835 1: Request to stop the current sequence
2019-01-17T19:44:53.837 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Abort exposure
2019-01-17T19:44:55.865 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:44:56.028 1: Executing the termination actions.
2019-01-17T19:44:56.039 1: Park the telescope
2019-01-17T19:44:56.073 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Park
2019-01-17T19:45:50.687 0: Exposure fail!
2019-01-17T19:45:50.710 0: Precision slew failed!
2019-01-17T19:47:11.610 2: Start capture
2019-01-17T19:47:11.624 1: Starting Light exposure 1/1 for 10 seconds
2019-01-17T19:47:31.457 1: Saved file C:\APT_Images\CameraCCD_1\Light\test\test_10s_1x1_-10.0C_20190117_184730_11.fits
2019-01-17T19:47:31.469 2: Stop capture
2019-01-17T19:48:55.902 1: Starting sequence
2019-01-17T19:49:06.385 3: CCD temperature: -10.0
2019-01-17T19:49:06.421 1: Starting sequence Iot Cep
2019-01-17T19:49:06.448 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:49:06.559 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Stop telescope motion.
2019-01-17T19:49:06.654 1: Initialise target Iot Cep
2019-01-17T19:49:06.671 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:49:08.871 3: EQMOD.Telescope: start tracking
2019-01-17T19:49:09.065 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slewing to 22h50m20s/+66d18m11s
2019-01-17T19:49:15.709 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slew is complete
2019-01-17T19:49:25.779 3: Take control exposure for 10.0 seconds
2019-01-17T19:49:26.966 1: Request to stop the current sequence
2019-01-17T19:49:26.982 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Abort exposure
2019-01-17T19:49:29.016 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:49:29.187 1: Executing the termination actions.
2019-01-17T19:49:29.197 1: Park the telescope
2019-01-17T19:49:29.208 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Park
2019-01-17T19:49:43.348 0: Exposure fail!
2019-01-17T19:49:43.358 0: Precision slew failed!
2019-01-17T19:54:53.919 1: Starting sequence
2019-01-17T19:54:53.951 1: The telescope is parked, unpark now
2019-01-17T19:54:53.966 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Unpark
2019-01-17T19:55:09.466 3: CCD temperature: -9.8
2019-01-17T19:55:09.481 1: Starting sequence Iot Cep
2019-01-17T19:55:09.496 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:55:09.608 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Stop telescope motion.
2019-01-17T19:55:09.678 1: Initialise target Iot Cep
2019-01-17T19:55:09.689 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:55:11.903 3: EQMOD.Telescope: start tracking
2019-01-17T19:55:12.040 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slewing to 22h50m20s/+66d18m11s
2019-01-17T19:55:27.186 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Slew is complete
2019-01-17T19:55:37.210 3: Take control exposure for 10.0 seconds
2019-01-17T19:55:56.878 3: Resolve control exposure
2019-01-17T19:55:57.445 3: Resolving using PlateSolve ...
2019-01-17T19:56:18.055 2: Open file C:\Users\cedric\AppData\Local\ccdciel\tmp\ccdcielsolved.fits
2019-01-17T19:56:18.085 2: PlateSolve resolve successful. Solved in 21 seconds , offset 0.0028 degree
2019-01-17T19:56:18.122 3: Distance to target: 0.15742 arcmin
2019-01-17T19:56:18.147 2: Precision slew finished.
2019-01-17T19:56:23.252 1: Object Iot Cep, start plan 1x1s
2019-01-17T19:56:28.378 1: Start step 1x1s
2019-01-17T19:56:28.400 2: Start capture
2019-01-17T19:56:28.437 1: Autofocus now
2019-01-17T19:56:28.453 2: Stay at the current position for autofocus
2019-01-17T19:56:28.464 2: Focuser temperature: 4.6
2019-01-17T19:56:28.475 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Set binning 2x2
2019-01-17T19:56:29.522 2: Camera frame x=0 y=0 width=2772 height=1842
2019-01-17T19:56:30.581 3: Take control exposure for 5.0 seconds
2019-01-17T19:56:40.794 3: Safety monitor: Unsafe
2019-01-17T19:56:40.805 1: Unsafe condition detected!
2019-01-17T19:56:40.816 1: Abort the current sequence
2019-01-17T19:56:40.828 1: Abort the current sequence
2019-01-17T19:56:40.839 1: Request to stop autofocus ...
2019-01-17T19:56:40.851 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Abort exposure
2019-01-17T19:56:40.863 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Abort exposure
2019-01-17T19:56:40.874 2: Abort exposure
2019-01-17T19:56:40.885 2: Stop capture
2019-01-17T19:56:40.942 2: Stop autoguider
2019-01-17T19:56:41.055 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Abort exposure
2019-01-17T19:56:41.066 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Set binning 1x1
2019-01-17T19:56:42.129 2: Camera frame x=0 y=0 width=5544 height=3684
2019-01-17T19:56:44.205 1: AutoFocus error
2019-01-17T19:56:44.216 2: Set Binning 2x2
2019-01-17T19:56:44.227 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Set binning 2x2
2019-01-17T19:56:45.251 2: Camera frame x=0 y=0 width=2772 height=1842
2019-01-17T19:56:46.314 0: Sequence aborted.
2019-01-17T19:56:46.326 1: Executing the termination error actions.
2019-01-17T19:56:46.341 1: Executing the termination actions.
2019-01-17T19:56:46.352 1: Park the telescope
2019-01-17T19:56:46.364 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Park
2019-01-17T19:56:58.940 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Stop telescope motion.
2019-01-17T19:56:58.955 0: EQMOD.Telescope: Abort motion error: AbortSlew() is not permitted while mount is parked or parking.
2019-01-17T19:57:04.035 1: Autoguider shutdown
2019-01-17T19:57:04.253 2: Autoguider: Disconnected
2019-01-17T19:57:04.265 1: Autoguider: Connection reset by peer
2019-01-17T19:57:04.277 1: Autoguider disconnected
2019-01-17T19:57:04.289 1: Autoguider: Disconnected
2019-01-17T19:57:05.113 1: Stop telescope tracking
2019-01-17T19:57:05.125 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Stop telescope motion.
2019-01-17T19:57:05.137 0: EQMOD.Telescope: Abort motion error: AbortSlew() is not permitted while mount is parked or parking.
2019-01-17T19:57:06.193 1: Park the telescope
2019-01-17T19:57:06.205 3: EQMOD.Telescope: Park
2019-01-17T19:57:10.114 2: Autofocus start Dynamic curve
2019-01-17T19:57:10.132 2: Focuser temperature: 4.6
2019-01-17T19:57:10.144 2: AutoFocus started, initial position: 19329
2019-01-17T19:57:10.156 1: In place autofocus failed!
2019-01-17T19:57:10.168 1: Sequence will continue with the current focuser position.
2019-01-17T19:57:12.181 1: Capture stopped during autofocus
2019-01-17T19:57:12.196 0: Cannot start capture now
2019-01-17T19:57:12.208 2: Stop capture
2019-01-17T19:57:15.278 1: Sequence Iot Cep stopped.
2019-01-17T19:57:15.296 1: Plan 1x1s stopped.
2019-01-17T19:58:40.651 1: Weather monitor report: Bad
2019-01-17T19:58:40.690 1: Weather issue: CloudCover=100.00
2019-01-17T19:58:58.358 3: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Abort exposure
2019-01-17T19:59:02.448 0: ASCOM.QHYCCD.Camera: Disconnected
2019-01-17T19:59:02.488 0: ASCOM.HomeMade.Focuser: Disconnected
2019-01-17T19:59:02.508 0: EQMOD.Telescope: Disconnected
2019-01-17T19:59:02.553 0: ASCOM.HomeMade.ObservingConditions: Disconnected
2019-01-17T19:59:02.575 0: ASCOM.HomeMade.SafetyMonitor: Disconnected
2019-01-17T20:01:46.583 1: Disconnecting devices ...
2019-01-17T20:01:46.642 1: Configuration saved
2019-01-17T20:01:48.704 1: Program exit
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