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0002065CCdcielGeneralpublic19-01-28 16:42
ReporterThomas Jaeger Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Summary0002065: Default settings of a new sequence
DescriptionIf I create a new sequence with the new button, the form is not empty, a plan is still there. This is not a problem for me. I would feel better if there is no termination action with a new sequence.
Last night I have started with a new sequence and did my flats as before the lights. Fortunately I was by the scope, had to catch my flatbox, because the the mount parks after the seqence.

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Thomas Jaeger

19-01-27 21:06


Patrick Chevalley

19-01-28 09:28

administrator   ~0005287

Yes but this is a problem I have difficulties with.
If I remove the park option by default I will have complain the telescope stay anywhere in the morning.

Ideally it must be off if the sequence contain only calibration but I don't know that in advance when the new sequence is created, and I not want to silently change the option when the sequence is saved.

This will be more visible if this options are directly on the main screen. But I have the constraint of 1024x600 for the netbook screen I want to support, this is why I add a second screen with the light reminder on the main screen.

I will test a few options today to reorganize the screen to try to put all this options on the top of the screen.

Patrick Chevalley

19-01-28 16:41


new_options.png (91,161 bytes)   
new_options.png (91,161 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

19-01-28 16:41

administrator   ~0005288

Now the termination option are visible on the top of the screen, this make much more easy to see what is done. See new screenshot.

The default option is now to stop tracking, this is probably a good default value that prevent the problem you mention but also avoid the mount continue to track after the sequence is terminated.

The change:

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