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0002124CCdcielGeneralpublic19-05-02 12:00
Reporterhan Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Target Version1.0 
Summary0002124: HyperLeda annotation implementation
DescriptionAttached a HyperLeda annotation implementation. I have updated the u_annotation.pas and added a new menu "Resolve and plot HyperLeda" in the popupmenu.

The U_annotation.pas has been updated as follows:

- Added a procedure to load hyperleda.csv
- For tiny object or object with zero size (quasors), the routine plots 4 pixels.
- The line width is now fixed at 1. The CCDCiel setup doesn't required an adapted line thickness.
- The object font size selection is more advance and took me some time to figure out. If you zoom in prior to deepsky plot the font is adapted down to absolute font size 10 minimum. This allows small fonts for crowded deepsky images.

The hyperleda.csv (32 mbytes) database is available from:

Maybe I should create installers, something for the next days.

I hope you like. Modify it as you like or drop the whole idea. If HyperLeda is useful for CCDCiel is debatable, but it was easy to implement. If you don't implement it, still keep the this latest u_annotation.pas

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19-04-30 21:25


hypermenu.png (8,011 bytes)   
hypermenu.png (8,011 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

19-05-02 12:00

administrator   ~0005623

This is a good feature for anyone interested by faint galaxy.
It work fine and very quickly, the font size selection is also a good feature.

I do two small change:
- cleanup the previous labels before to draw the new ones to avoid overlap if you call the function two time.
- fix drawing Hyperleda when the image is originally not solved.

I will add information in the CCDciel installation documentation to install the Hyperleda data, or maybe also provide installer for every platform.
This is only 80MB on disk so not a big issue to duplicate the data for ASTAP and CCDciel.

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