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0002133CCdciel[All Projects] Generalpublic19-05-28 18:18
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Summary0002133: Sequence is waiting for camera temperature
DescriptionI noticed that in the last versions the sequence doesn't start until the camera cooler has reached setpoint. This is a little annoying since in the same time the slewing and initial focussing could be done. This slewing & focusing takes a few minutes so, so there is no reason to wait till the camera has reached cooling setpoint.

The old setup was more time efficient when this all happened in parallel. At the time the first image exposure starts, the camera was already cooled down.

I couldn't find a setting to remove it, I would suggest to remove this interlock. As an alternative, a warning when images are taken with an other temperature then the setup would be better.
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Patrick Chevalley

19-05-28 18:18

administrator   ~0005654

I agree there is enough time for cooling with the telescope slew time and focusing time. And normally the cooling is started when the camera is connected, given even more time to complete.

This wait is removed by:

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