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0002162CCdciel[All Projects] Generalpublic19-08-14 20:52
ReporterhanAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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Summary0002162: In sequence it is not possible to disable "use astrometry to refine position"
DescriptionTonight I noticed that in the sequence the uncheck of "use astrometry to refine position" doesn't work. The program continues using the ASTAP solver. I unchecked it only to speedup the imaging of a test series. Attached the sequence used.

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19-08-09 01:28

reporter (837 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-09 09:18

administrator   ~0005817


In your sequence only the first target IC1311 as astrometry disabled, it is activated for all the other target.

The options in this box on the right apply only to the current target, I try to show that with the object name in the box tittle. If you want to disable astrometry for all the targets you need to click the button "Apply to all".


19-08-09 11:42

reporter   ~0005818

Aha, a nice example how somebody (suffering from sleep deprivation) can get confused while trying to achieve something late at night at the time all other people are in sleeping. Nevertheless the interface is a little confusing since you have to enter data 1) in a row 2) in the dedicated area. My ideal interface would be to enter all parameters and settings in the same row. Here my suggestion of a different interface:

ccdciel.png (39,744 bytes)
ccdciel.png (39,744 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-09 15:16

administrator   ~0005819

This interface with everything in the list was my first idea, but this is a problem with small screen as this 3 column are hidden if you not scroll horizontally.
The space for 3 checkbox is small but the problem is the column header.
Maybe I can move all the button below the list to use the full screen width for the list? I try if this is possible.

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-09 19:07

administrator   ~0005821

I commit a change to add the 3 columns and totally remove the right pane for the target list.
Remaining button, script and flat options are now below the list.
This work on my 1024x600 screen but is better a bit bigger.
You can already test this.

Now I will do the same for the plan.

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-09 23:49

administrator   ~0005822

I complete the new plan editor. You can compile the new version for testing.

For me this look much better, see screenshot.

new_editor.png (91,252 bytes)
new_editor.png (91,252 bytes)


19-08-10 20:40

reporter   ~0005825

Thanks for this swift and major change. It will make the CCDCIEL more user friendly. I will test it tonight.

I was the last two days very busy with a major change in ASTAP (just completed) to increase the solver reliability.

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-10 21:06

administrator   ~0005826

Today I make a few more change to add hint for every cell in the grid, this can also help.
Tell me if something is not clear or if my english need a fix.

I will test astap for linux i386 tonight with my old atom netbook. I always compile it for i386, is the Mercurial source updated?

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-10 21:21

administrator   ~0005827

OK, I see the mercurial change log for astap, it is v0.9.251
Compiled and it work fine.


19-08-11 02:17

reporter   ~0005828

The new setup works very well and is clear and comprehensible in operation. :)

Below some hint suggestions.

ccdciel hints.png (117,223 bytes)
ccdciel hints.png (117,223 bytes)


19-08-11 10:51

reporter   ~0005830

Attached an updated hint proposal

ccdciel hints-2.png (110,086 bytes)
ccdciel hints-2.png (110,086 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-11 12:20

administrator   ~0005832

Thank you Han.

I apply your proposition with just two change:
- add (J2000) after "Target position"
- the text "Start immediately ignoring start condition" is wrong. This checkbox make the target to be ignored if the start condition are not filled, so it process the next target in the list. If the box is not checked the sequence is suspended until the start time.
I use the following text:
Process the other objects in the list instead of waiting for the start condition. To be use with option "Repeat the whole list"
Do you have a better proposition?


19-08-11 12:39

reporter   ~0005834

Last edited: 19-08-11 12:40

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Yes now I remember why we concluded on "don't wait"

Yes the last text is good, except I would use the word "target" rather "object" for consistency plus two small corrections:

Process the other targets in the list instead of waiting for the start condition(s) to be met. To be used with option "Repeat the whole list"


19-08-11 12:43

reporter   ~0005835

I think the verb "rather is better

Process the other targets in the list rather then waiting for the start condition(s) to be met. To be used in combination with option "Repeat the whole list"


19-08-11 12:51

reporter   ~0005836

Looking to this webpage rather <-> instead
The use of instead looks better so:

Process the other targets in the list instead of waiting for the start condition(s) to be met. To be used with option "Repeat the whole list"

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-11 14:25

administrator   ~0005838

Thank you for searching for this English subtleties.
I commit with your last text.

The hint text must now prevent confusion with this "don't wait" checkbox.

I also remember we add the option to not process a target by setting Repeat=0, I update the hint to show that:
"Repeat the plan for this object. Set to zero to not process this target."

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-14 20:52

administrator   ~0005854

I updated the documentation, this change is now ready for the next version.

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