Version 3 beta 0.1.4

One year without a new version?

The partial update system using the development version system work fine and allow for efficient testing I not do a real version this year.
About 200 change where applied during this time.

Next time I try to not wait so much.

Time zone change:

Starting with this version the timezone information is no longer taken from the computer setting but from the observatory definition.

The main advantage is to easily manage the correct time if you do calculation for different location and to use the correct DST setting for any date in the past or in the future.

Because of this change you need to set the right timezone in the Observatory Setting.
Be sure you select the right one if your country use more than one timezone and in any case click the OK button to save the setting.

Coordinates setting change:

New simplified form to select the kind of coordinates you want.

The default is now apparent coordinates of the date.
You can change to mean coordinates using Configuration/Chart,Coordinates.

Other change: