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 You can read more detail about GAIA DR1 in the [[http://​​documentation/​GDR1/​index.html|release documentation]] You can read more detail about GAIA DR1 in the [[http://​​documentation/​GDR1/​index.html|release documentation]]
 +{{ :​en:​news:​gaiadr1_hole.jpg?​350|Missing data}}
 +DR1 is a preliminary release of the GAIA data and some sky area are still incomplete. \\
 +Do not use this data if complete sky coverage is important for you. 
 +The same limitation with the same "​hole"​ apply to the other catalog based on GAIA DR1, like [[http://​​viz-bin/​Cat?​I/​340|UCAC5]] or [[http://​​viz-bin/​Cat?​I/​339|HSOY]]. ​
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-====Build a local catalog====+====Use a local catalog==== 
 +You can also download this catalog for local offline use.\\ 
 +The easiest way is to download the catalog I prepare using Bittorent but you have the option to process the original data yourself.\\ 
 +The ready to use catalog include the fields: source_id, ra, dec, phot_g_mean_mag,​ no search index.  
 +You can download this catalog using [[wp>​BitTorrent_(protocol)|Bittorent]],​ download size is 19 GB: 
 +  * Get the [[http://​​pub/​skychart/​gaia-dr1/​gaia-dr1.torrent|torrent file]] 
 +  * Open the torrent file in your [[wp>​Comparison_of_BitTorrent_clients|bittorrent client software]]. You can eventually select only the zone directory you want. Always get the header file  
 +  * Unzip every file to the same directory but keep the directory structure. Then open the file gaia.hdr from the Skychart menu Setup/​Catalog/​Catalog "​Add"​ button. 
 +  * Please keep seeding to help other to get the data! 
 +To build the catalog yourself using Catgen process as follow: 
 +  * Download my [[http://​​pub/​skychart/​gaia-dr1/​|files]] I use to build the above catalog and use them as example. 
 +  * The file download.txt contain the download URL and a ready to use wget command. 
 +  * The file is a shell script to format the csv data for use with Catgen. You can edit the script if you want to include other data field but be conscious this first release do not include more than the position and magnitude for 99.99% of the stars. On Windows you can run this script from the Cygwin shell. 
 +  * From [[en:​documentation:​catgen|Catgen]] open the example gaia.prj file and make the change you want before to run.  
-I am currently downloading the full catalog data (about 200 GB) and I update this page when I have more detailed instructions to build the catalog with Catgen.\\ 
-At first I need to make a change to Catgen before it can process this data, so this look not immediately possible with the current Skychart version. 
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