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Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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This is an old revision of the document!


Version 3.6 March 3 2012

Version 3.4 September 3 2011

This version add some long awaited addition.

Version 3.2 October 10 2010

Finally the stable version is available.

PPMXL Catalog September 12 2010

Want even more stars ?

UCAC3 Catalog October 3 2009

A new catalog ideal for star chart.

Version 3 beta 0.1.6 February 7 2009

Last beta before a stable version.

Version 3 beta 0.1.4 Dec-30-2007

Result of one year of development.

Version 3 beta 0.1.2 Dec-23-2006

Program translation and online pictures.

New web pages Oct-16-2006

The Cartes du Ciel web was changed to help users contributions.

Version 3 beta 0.1.0 Feb-26-2006

First beta version and compiler change, we now use Lazarus / FreePascal!

Version 3 alpha 0.0.9 Nov-27-2005

Improved user interface with more functions


Version 3 alpha 0.0.8 Jun-07-2005

This version add a lot of usability with new menu, button bar and functions.

Version 3 alpha 0.0.7 Jan-23-2005

Improved star display and picture database.

Version 3 alpha 0.0.6 May-26-2004

This version add telescope control.

Version 3 alpha 0.0.5 Jan-06-2004

Add comet database, labels, more printing functions.

Version 3 alpha 0.0.4 Dec-18-2003

This version add the support for an asteroid database.

More catalog for Linux Jun-29-2003

More catalog are now available in ZIP format to allow installation on Linux system.

Version 3 alpha 0.0.3 Jun-29-2003

A new alpha version is now available to play during the Summer.

Version 3 alpha 0.0.2 Jan-13-2003

This new alpha version is now a useable simple planetarium.

The version 3 alpha 0.0.1 is available! Dec-16-2002

This is the first alpha version, the development of the program is still in progress.

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