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GAIA DR3 2024/02/25 10:59

Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Version 3.6


  • Change the way the “Show grid” buttons are working.
  • Add “Show compass” button.
  • Add distance measurement tool, add “Measure distance” button.
  • Add chart legend. See menu Chart / Labels
  • Add option to only show the meridian lines.
  • Increase planet simulation up to 500 positions, no change for comets and asteroids.
  • Can change the color for lines and nebulae from the catalog setting.
  • Add Tirion constellation figures created by James Trogolo

Catalog and data:

  • New default star catalog based on Extended Hipparcos to replace the BSC and Sky2000.
  • Add user defined objects in catalog setting.
  • New online Internet resources:
    • Add any catalog from Vizier, allow for full or partial download.
    • Search Simbad, NED, Vizier.
    • Link object detail to Simbad, NED, HyperLeda.

Projection mapping:

  • Add Mercator projection.
  • Cartesian and Mercator projection are rotated to the screen center for full sky coverage.
  • Change the default projection to Tangent for FOV up to 90 deg. and Mercator for wider fields.
  • Limit the use of Arc projection to 250 deg. FOV.
  • Limit the vision of objects below the horizon to 180 deg. FOV.

Coordinates computation:

  • Improved precision of the apparent coordinates (many thanks to P. Wallace for its help):
    • Star parallax
    • Take account of the radial velocity to compute the proper motions.
    • Light deflection by the Sun.
    • Extended time validity for nutation and aberration if using DE422.
  • Compute the precession using “New precession expressions, valid for long time intervals, J. Vondrak, 2011”
  • Compute DeltaT values from “Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses, Espenak & Meeus, 2006”
  • Extend the allowed date to +/- 200'000 years


  • Improved precision in the display of FITS images by using WCStools. Can show the images with transparency.

Internet connection:

  • Allow to use Socks proxy.

For more details about the change you can look at the bug tracker change log and at the source code log

Because of persistent problem with the 64 bits Windows version, there is no win64 release for this version.
Please use the 32 bits for both upgrade or new install on a Windows 64 bits system.

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