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Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Version 4.0

New functions:

  • Set the tool bar button arangement, size and text in Setup / Toolbar editor. Increase default button size.
  • The tool bar editor allow you to edit the button bar layout. The function is available from the menu Setup / Tool bar editor.
  • New performance options from menu File/Reset chart and options…
  • New tool box function you can activate with the keys F1 to F8.
  • Scripting functions and custom tool box capabilities.
  • New representation for the Milky Way. This can be activated from the menu Setup / Display / Lines by unchecking “Milky Way - Line mode”.
  • Updated Solar system information window with more functionallity
  • Plot images for the main planetary satellites
  • More color and label options
  • Update the artificial satellites TLE files automatically.
  • Option to add a crosshair to the chart center.
  • Option to add the meridian line with any projection.
  • Show comet and asteroid hourly motion in the detail window.
  • Update download URL for asteroids and comets
  • New observing list Tour function
  • Add cursor or telescope position to observing list
  • Add Tcp/Ip connection to the LX200 telescope interface.
  • Use INDIstarter to manage the INDI server.
  • New INDI control panel.


  • OpenNGC replace NGC2000, it is now include with the base version
  • Use official IAU star name
  • The following catalog change require to install the new version with 4.0 in the file name from the catalog download section.
    • New version of GCVS and WDS catalog
    • New version of PGC/LEDA with 5 million galaxies
    • Add index to search planetary nebula by name
    • Add Sh2 and Barnard catalog
    • Update the pictures using better coordinates from OpenNGC


  • Performance improvement with image display
  • Artificial satellites TLE files can use .txt extension.
  • Move some menu from File to View and Chart.
  • Now the program scale the window correctly on high resolution screen. You can set the old behavior in Setup/General.
  • No more store the program data location in the configuration file. If you need a non-standard location use the new command line option “–datadir=”.

For more details about the change you can look at the bug tracker change log and at the source code log

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