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Telescope plugins replacement


Since 1999 the program use specific plugin to interface with the telescope.
Unfortunately because of the technology used they are limited for use on Windows 32bit systems.

Also new standard where used now to interface with the telescope:

  • ASCOM for the Windows 32/64 version
  • INDI for Linux and Mac OS X

New version of Skychart can interface directly with ASCOM and INDI without using the old plugins.

So the question is : May I remove the old plugin telescope interface for the next version?

This is : remove the check box option for “CdC plugin” in telescope setup, and not ship any .tid file with the program.

Selected solution

From your remarks it look like it is good to keep a native CdC driver for this well used interfaces. But the fact it is a plugin or not is not important.

The solution is to integrate the code of the old Meade and Encoder drivers to the CdC main code. This will keep the full functionality of the driver and remove the limitation to use them on Windows 64, Linux or Mac system.

The following Mantis issue will follow the development status:


Plugin replacement

There were originally three plugins: Meade, Encoders, ASCOM

It is now possible to replace them by:

Why Meade plugin cannot be replaced for me

For me it can be replaced, I only use INDI LX200 Basic or ASCOM Generic LX-200 with my Mel Bartels mount. — Patrick Chevalley 2010/09/03 16:48

Why Encoder plugin cannot be replaced for me

I no more use Ouranos so I cannot tell about this one. — Patrick Chevalley 2010/09/03 16:50

I am using encoders and the driver emulates the Tangent encoders. The ASCOM version of the drivers supplied with my encoders does not work correctly–—2010/11/08

I developed my own plugin

Say here if you developed a specific plugin and you not want the system be removed from the program.

Other remarks

My one concern is that the current ASCOM driver for the LX200GPS has some bugs.

I also remember one specific problem with using the LX200 classic ASCOM driver with CdC that used to cause me to sometimes switch to CdC's own Meade driver. But we upgraded to a new LX200R scope at the local obs a few years ago, so I haven't used that recently.

On the other hand, I don't want to slow down development of CdC, and with any luck, the issues with the ASCOM LX200GPS driver should eventually be sorted out.


It's fine with me if you remove the plug-in option.

I upgraded to 3.1.1417 and tried the new code. When I selected the Telescope Control Panel, I got two panels at once – apparently one from each of the two pieces of code since the panels were different. I also got some very strange behavior because of the two panels. I checked the driver selection and only “ASCOM” was selected (which was expected since they are radio buttons). The problem was not corrected until I selected “CdC Plugin” and then re-selected “ASCOM”. Now I get only one control panel and everything works fine.


- Sorry for this bug, it is now fixed and available with September 6 snapshot. — Patrick Chevalley 2010/09/05 17:21

I also noticed small bugs using the Ascom driver in combination with LX200GPS mount. When setting the time, it reports back to CdC 'Irvine' as the name of the place of observation. And I did set my local coordinates and the name of our city which is Nijmegen instead of Irvine. This can be a problem of the LX200GPS (vesion 4.7g) instead of the Ascom driver. And also the marked position on the chart of where the scope is directed to is most often wrong. It 's not much of a problem, slewing the scope to wished positions works flawlessly fine.

At home I also use Mel Bartels' Scope, and so do many of my friends.

- Marc

You should not remove the driver(s). I use the LX200 driver to point my LX200GPS. I also see the “Irvine” site used. Try as I may, it never replaces the file when I “save” it. I use this with Carte Du Ciel because it is so easy to initialize and it works! Please, test anything new before you drop the present versions~ Thanks for a great program! - Floyd

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