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Versie 3.4

This version add some long awaited addition.

A number of feature that where delayed for after the release of the first stable version are now available.
This include almost all the functions that where available in the version 2.76 but not in 3.2.

  • Take account for Jupiter GRS drift.
  • New “Target” function in right click menu.
  • Save and load “Finder circle” from the right click menu.
  • Remove old telescope plugins, you may have to set your telescope again.
  • New INDI telescope control panel.
  • New integrated LX200 and Encoder driver replace the plugin. Work on all platform.
  • Rotate camera or guider with arrow keys. Activate with Shift+C, Shift+G or Shift+S
  • “Move label” now set new RA/DEC for the label. Use “Offset Label” to get the old behavior.
  • Add line from moved labels, setup option is in display/labels.
  • Add pictures of DSO and planet in the information detail window.
  • Add catalog source in object list and detail information.
  • Add print description and number of copies.
  • Add print preview.
  • Add option in Setup/Display for anti-alias drawing of the map on the screen, this can slowdown the display.
  • Observatory favorite list, new observatory database window.
  • Internet localization of your location.
  • Display an online image of the Sun from SDO or SOHO.
  • New Animation and movie recording function. See documentation for ffmpeg program installation.
  • Planet computation use JPL ephemeris.
  • Add Planet graph in calendar, contributed by John Sunderland.
  • Add artificial satellites to the calendar. Click in a line to display the satellite pass on the map. You need to install Wine on Linux and Mac.
  • Add solar system objects velocity information.
  • Copy current coordinates from right click menu.
  • Double click and object directly open the detail window.
  • Ctrl + mouse over an object show information in status bar.
  • Fill below horizon area with horizon color.
  • No confirmation to save on exit if this is selected in the menu.
  • Locked object setting is now saved with the configuration, beware you can get a “below the horizon” the next time you launch the program.
  • Option to reset initial program default.
  • Add “tonight” button in time setting, it set the time to evening astronomical twilight.
  • Better rendering of filled local horizon line for large altitude change.
  • Fix dotted line display.
  • Change “Object list” presentation.
  • Save “Object list” file with comma separator if extension is .csv. Use another extension for the tab separator used previously.

Version 3.4.1

This is a Windows only release as the only change since 3.4 is the support for interface with the Deepsky Astronomy Software

For more details about the change you can look at the bug tracker change log and at the source code log \

Because of persistent problem with the 64 bits Windows version, there is no win64 release for this version.
Please use the 32 bits skychart-3.4-1829-windows.exe for both upgrade or new install on a Windows 64 bits system.

This bug report link to all the current problem with the win64 version:

If you want to help with debugging use the beta version skychart-3.5 for win64.

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