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Display NEO in need of confirmation

In the case there are not enough observations to be sure of the position of a newly discovered object you can use the following method developed by Basil Rowe based on the data from the MPC NEO Confirmation page (NEOCP).

This method allows you to plot the uncertainty map in CdC to help plan an imaging session to recover the asteroid.

Start by downloading the project files.

Extract the zip file and read the documents Uncertainty Map Plotting in Cartes du Ciel and How to Use for Excel or OpenOffice.

The process involves doing a copy/paste of the variant orbital elements from the NEOCP into a spreadsheet, then using a macro to reformat the elements for use in CdC.

After that you can show the uncertainty map in CdC:

Please direct questions and comments to Basil Rowe (email address in project files)

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