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Use on Linux with a Nvidia graphic card

If you use a recent Nvidia driver on Linux you can see the planet are only show as a white sphere.
This problem is because of an incompatible change in the driver.

To get a working environment for the Virtual Planet Atlas process as follow:

  1. Download the latest driver available from , for example
  2. Uninstall the Nvidia proprietary driver from your Linux distribution
  3. Disconnect your session and start a terminal with Alt+F1
  4. Connect as root in this terminal (or with your user name and then: sudo -i)
  5. Stop the graphic services i.e: service sddm stop , or service xdm stop.
  6. Install the Nvidia driver, adding the option –no-glvnd-glx-client :
    sh --no-glvnd-glx-client 
  7. Respond to the questions until the process complete. For more information the README link at the bottom of the download page.
  8. If you need to uninstall this driver, process as above then run this command:
    sh --uninstall

    After that you can reinstall the proprietary driver from your distribution.

See also :

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