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The "Virtual Moon Atlas 8.0" SD card

In order to make this new version available for those who do not yet have a high-speed Internet connection to download it (Several GB with modules, textures, scientific layers, image libraries), we have now come to edit SD card of distribution installing directly on PC the whole of this version 8.0 of VMA (Command Center, ATLUN ©, PHOTLUN ©, DATLUN ©, CALCLUN ©, NOTELUN ©, WEBLUN ©, databases, “high resolution” textures, “low resolution” dynamic shadows, scientific layers and public image libraries).

The program installed by the SD card can be completed by downloading the following modules:

  • Non-public amateur image libraries (More than 1100 images)

You need the configuration below to take advantage of all the program options:

  • An OpenGL compatible graphics card.
  • Windows 7/8/10/11 32bit or 64bit, or Linux 64bit
  • A SD card reader or a SD/USB interface

To install VMA from the SD card, follow the instructions in the “Readme.txt” on the card.

To acquire the SD card:

SD card “VMA 8.0” for Windows by credit card from all over the world:

VMA SD card version "Pro" Windows , 30 € (Euros) :

SD card “VMA 8.0” for Linux by credit card from all over the world:

VMA SD card version "Pro" Linux , 30 € (Euros) :

Your order will be sent to you as soon as possible. This service is performed on our leisure time. It depends on our professional activities which are other. Consequently, the delay depends on the number of orders registered simultaneously and the time available. However, we will do our best not to exceed one month.

In fairness, we owe it to you to inform yourself now that if, through your comments, we realize that we are unable to provide this service in terms of time or quality satisfactory to you, we will regret to interrupt him.

We ask for your indulgence for the inconveniences that may result temporarily from sometimes long delays and thank you in advance for your trust and generosity.

Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley

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