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We had generous offers from some VMA users that asked us how they could help us for the software improvement.This one is sure a free action of ourselves and we don't ask any financial help for this product which is only the reflect of our astronomical passions.

We were a little embarrassed by these proposals, but some of you insisted. So, we finally decided to accept spontaneous voluntary donations, but we can insure you that this doesn't mean for us that it's a financial operation. So that the benefits of your support come back to you, these funds will be affected, as far as we can do it, to the purchase of astronomical equipment or books usable for the improvement of VMA or for other astronomical new products or actions.

If you think that VMA brings you a true comfort to prepare or conduct your Moon observations or surveys, you can make us a donation by the mean of PAYPAL. We will try to thank everybody doing that with a special personal VMA enhancement.

Be sure that you will always find on our site free astronomical products to download and help you for studying or practicing astronomy.

We thank you very much in advance for the voluntary help that you would decide to bring us.

Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley

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