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The "Virtual Planet Atlas Pro 2.0" SD card


You need the following to enjoy all the program features:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 with a graphic card: “Intel HD Graphics” or “Nvidia”.
  • Linux with Gtk2 and OpenGL acceleration. Read this note if you use a Nvidia graphic card on Linux.

If you are not sure of your computer configuration please download and test the basic software version before to order the SD card.

To obtain the complete VPA version "Pro 2.0" SD card:

World wide secure Credit Card donation:

VPA version "Pro" Windows SD card, 30 € (Euros) :

VPA version "Pro" Linux SD card, with DEB and RPM installer, 30 € (Euros) :

For any question : E-Mail : Christian Legrand

Your order will be sent to you as soon as possible. Our SD card are home made by ourselves and this service is realized on our leisure time. It depends with our professional activities that are different. It's possible that, in a first step, delivering time will be pretty long depending of the demand. We insure you that we will try not to be more than one month after your purchase request before sending your SD card.

To be completely honest, we must inform you that if we can't insure this delivery time, we will be obliged to interrupt this service to find a new solution.

We thank you in advance for your confidence and generosity.

Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley

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