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CCDciel features

Supported devices

  • Any ASCOM, Alpaca or INDI camera, filter wheel, focuser, rotator, telescope mount, dome, switch, weather station, observing condition device, safety monitor
  • ASCOM driver can be a classic local driver or a remote Alpaca device
  • ASCOM Alpaca devices can be used on Linux and macOS
  • Device connection can be a mix of local and remote devices using different protocols
  • NO native support for any device

Program features

  • Easy to use configurable interface
  • Translated in your language
  • Separate settings for preview and capture
  • Can start a quick capture without the need to parameter a full sequence
  • Quick and easy polar alignment procedure
  • Collimation aid
  • Parameters for saved files include options for the capture folder name and the file name
  • Improve the preview image display with predefined histogram truncation and gamma
  • Predefined zoom level or free zoom with the mouse wheel
  • Add bull eye to the preview image
  • Show saturation on the preview image
  • Image magnifier at mouse position
  • Debayer the preview for color sensors
  • Can stack preview images with single star alignment and dark subtraction
  • Show a reference image on screen to help to manually recenter a frame
  • Can set a bad pixel map to remove hot pixel in auto-focus and plate-solving preview images
  • Select subframe with the mouse
  • Camera temperature control
  • Select camera readout mode depending on the frame use.
  • Automatic sky flat
  • Automatic panel flat
  • Choose from 4 different auto-focus method the one that best work with your equipment
  • Can auto-focus with field stars or by slewing to a bright star
  • Support for filter offset and exposure factor
  • Focuser temperature compensation
  • Options for periodic refocusing during capture
  • Automatic meridian flip with many options
  • Connection to multiple switch devices
  • Show selected star profile with HFD and FWHM
  • Image inspector show stars HFD, sensor tilt and field curvature
  • Simple photometry measurement
  • Message log with severity filter
  • Video control and recording with supported INDI camera, including DSLR LiveView
  • Powerful scripting function using Python or Pascal language
  • Custom image type with activation by script
  • Run automated action if the conditions are not safe.

Plate solving

  • Automatic precision Goto using plate-solving
  • Precision Goto can Sync the mount or use a local offset
  • Can use a separate finder camera if the main camera is not suitable
  • Automatically recenter a target that drift during a sequence.
  • Slew to any point of solved image
  • Rotator calibration and rotation from plate-solving
  • Plot DSO in solved images
  • Arrow show North direction, or mark the position of the Pole if in the image frame.
  • Show solved image in planetarium
  • Show solved image frame in planetarium


  • Use of internal guider or connection to external software
  • Automatically manage the guiding start/stop/pause during the different operations
  • Options for automatic auto-guider dithering
  • Backlash compensation
  • Specific options for spectrograph
  • Show guiding graph and statistics
  • Recovery from auto-guiding problem

Automated sequences

  • Automated sequences with many sequential targets
  • Sequence contain a list of target and can indicate a start/stop time and repetition options
  • Target is defined by a name, coordinates, rotator angle, start/end time
  • Target coordinates can be set from the planetarium
  • Import mosaic from the planetarium.
  • Import Cartes du Ciel observing list.
  • A moving target can have it's coordinates updated from the planetarium at the time of the observation
  • Target option include plate-solving Goto, auto-focus position, skip or wait if the observing condition are not reach
  • Use horizon profile for objects rise/set time
  • Every target use a predefined plan to not have to type everything again
  • Plan are multi-steps, with number and type of frame, exposure time, gain, binning, filter, auto-focus and dither options
  • A target can also be a script or an automated sky flat at dusk or dawn
  • Restart an interrupted sequence at the last check point
  • Pause the sequence if the observing condition are not optimal
  • Get the program status in a web browser
  • Receive notifications by email

Interface with other software

  • Interface with four different local plate-solving software (, Astap, Platesolve2, Elbrus)
  • Interface with two auto-guiding software (Phd2, Linguider)
  • Interface with two planetarium software (Cartes du Ciel, Hnsky)
  • Interface with any SAMP application (Aladin, Topcat, …)
  • Interface with processing software (Siril)
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