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Tutorial 1. The program screen

When you start the program you see the following screen:

On the top you have the standard menu: File, Edit, Tools, Image, Display, Help, and four menus with a icon: Connect, Focus, Capture and Sequence. The four menus with icons are the same as on the left tabbed menus.

These four tabbed menus are used for connecting the equipment, focusing the camera, take a capture or run a sequence of operation.

On the bottom left there is the visualisation control for the picture preview and on the right a text log with activity messages.

The taken or loaded images will be displayed in the middle.
The plate solving functions are available from the image right click menu.

The layout is customizable under the Display menu for either a small monitor or laptop. You can uncheck the Tools you not use, but this is done automatically to remove the tools for the devices not present in the current profile. The minimal screen size is 1024×600
At the bottom of the menu is a selection to reset the default settings, using either one or two column layout.
You can drag and drop every tool to another part of the screen. Just hold left mouse button down and drag the tool title to one of the screen border and drop it by releasing the mouse button.


If you have a large monitor, you can make all the controls visible at the same time without using the tabs. You can also adjust the width of the right panel with the mouse depending on your screen size.

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