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Dome Tool

This tool show the status of the dome.

The first light is green when to dome shutter is open, it is red when closed.

If applicable, the second light is green when the dome is slaved to the telescope position, it is red when not slaved.

CCDciel do not take any action to initialize the dome, do homing, unpark or open the shutter. But this is checked before to start a sequence and the dome can be closed and parked at the end of a sequence or when the condition are not safe.

To initialize and slave your dome at the beginning of the night you can use the software provided by the dome manufacturer, the ASCOM Dome Control Panel, or the INDI control panel.

If you have a script to initialize the dome you can run it when you launch CCDciel, part of the Startup script. Or if you prefer in a script you run at the beginning of the sequence.

Only two common function have a button to take an action:

  • Park to park the dome at the end of the night.
  • Slave to start mount slaving.

But if you want you can also define in the dome preference to park/unpark the dome along with the telescope mount.

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