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Compilation of the source code

CCDciel is written in Pascal language using the Lazarus IDE and can be compiled with the Free Pascal Compiler.
By following this steps you can compile, modify and debug the program from the Lazarus IDE.

Install the compiler and IDE

You can download the last version of the IDE from:

For Windows a single setup install both the compiler and IDE. On Linux or Mac you need to install the three packages for the compiler, the compiler source and the IDE.

Look also for any specific requirement for your platform. On Mac for example you must install the Xcode command line tools first.

You can learn more in the Lazarus documentation

Install CCDciel source code

The best solution to install the source code is using Git.
On Linux install the git package from your distribution.
On Windows install the program from

Open a command shell in the directory you want to install the source code and type:

git clone

If you want to submit change to the source code later I suggest you start your own fork on Github instead. This make very easy to submit pull request when need.

Install the required components

Before you can open the project in the IDE you must install the components used by CCDciel. You must skip this step if you already install the packages for Cartes du Ciel.

Start the Lazarus IDE, select the menu Package / Open package file (.lpk)
Navigate to ccdciel/component/ and open the file ccdcielcomponents.lpk
Click the button Compile, wait it finish. Select Use / Install, validate and accept to rebuild the IDE.

After the IDE restart you are ready to use the CCDciel source code.

Compile CCDciel

Open the Lazarus IDE, select the menu Project / Open project…
Navigate to ccdciel/src/, open the file ccdciel.lpi
Select the menu Run / Compile

You can change the compilation option using the “Build mode” button. Most useful is to select Debug.

Running and debugging the program

Before to run the program from the IDE you must tell it where it will find the required data files.
This suppose you also install the latest package for the program executable.
Select the menu Run / Run Parameters
In the field “Working directory” type the following depending on the system:
- Windows : C:\Program Files\CCDciel
- Mac: /Applications/CCDciel
- Linux: /usr/bin

Then select the menu Run / Run

Automatic build and packages creation

The program can also be compiled and build automatically using the scripts in the main directory.

Compilation can be done with ./configure + make. See the build*.sh scripts for more information.

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