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Telescope Tool

This tool display the current telescope RA/DEC and Alt/Az position, the side of pier if reported by the driver, the time to or from the meridian.

You can Park or Unpark the mount using the corresponding button.
The Track button start or stop the mount tracking.

The button open a virtual handpad to manually move the telescope.

Click the Goto button to move the telescope to a new position.

There is tree way to define the new telescope coordinates:

  • Enter an object name and click Search to get the position from the internal database.
  • Select the object in the connected planetarium.
  • Type directly the RA and Dec J2000 coordinates, using decimal value or the hms/dms format with a variety of separator .

After the coordinates are entered, the target Azimuth and Elevation is show, so you can check if it is safe to slew the telescope there.

If you not want a precise centering of the object you can uncheck Use astrometry to refine the position. In this case a simple Goto is done, without plate solving.

There is an indication the Goto is in progress and you can stop it using the Stop button. Wait 10 to 15 seconds for terminating all the running tasks.

You can also use the sequence tool to automatically move the telescope at a new location from CCDciel.

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