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CCDciel is free software released under the terms of the
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The status bar

The status bar at the bottom of the program window show a number of information.

On the right, three lamp indicate the status of the planetarium, autoguider and devices connection.

When a capture is running the status bar show the sequence number and the remaining time of the current exposure. On the right it show the name of the last saved image and the size of this image.

When a preview is running it show the remaining time of the current exposure, the time of the currently displayed preview and the size of the image

The left part of the status bar show information for the image at the mouse cursor position:
- The X/Y image coordinate of the cursor.
- The pixel intensity.
- The HFD and FWHM of the star under the cursor
- If the image is plate solved it also show the Right ascension and Declination of the cursor position, using the apparent coordinates if the telescope mount use the coordinates of the date, or J2000 if the telescope use this system. It show the apparent coordinates if no telescope is connected.

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