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Command line options

CCDciel accepts the following options on the command line:

Option Parameter Function
Base directory The base directory to store all the program configuration and work files. The default is in the user profile, %LOCALAPPDATA%\ccdciel or ~/.config/ccdciel
Example: --basedir=E:\ccdciel_files , -b E:\ccdciel_files
configuration file path Lets you specify the device configuration file to use instead of the last one you load
Example: --config=default , -c default
sequence file path Automatically connect the devices and run this sequence.
the startup script is run before to start the sequence. The camera cooler and the autoguider connection are set according to the configuration.
Example: --run_sequence=/tmp/seq1.targets , -r /tmp/seq1.targets
Wait 5 minutes and shutdown the program after the sequence specified with --run_sequence is finished. This option as no effect if --run_sequence is not specified.
The sequence termination options are run before this option is processed. The shutdown script is run after.
Example: --shutdown , -s
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