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Display Menu

The Display menu let you select the tools you want to include or not in your screen.
Check or uncheck each tool to make it visible or not.
You can also move each tool on another part of the screen to suite your need just by dragging the tool title to one of the main window border.

It includes the following options:

By default many tools are grouped in four tabs on the right of the window. You can adjust the width of the right panel with the mouse depending on your screen size.

This correspond to the main functionality for a capture session.

  • Connection and preview
  • Focusing
  • Simple capture
  • Automated sequence

You can use the keyboard F1 to F4 to select one of the tabs.This same function are also available from the main menu:

The F11 key make the captured image full screen. Press any key to return to the standard display.

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