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Autoguider Tool

This tool is to interface with the external autoguider.

Start the autoguider application and then click the Connect button.

It show the autoguider status and let you to start or stop autoguiding, force a new calibration, or dither.
This functions are used automatically by the sequence tool when the autoguider is connected.

When using PHD2, check the box on the right to show the guide graph for the last 100 guide frames.

The blue curve represent the RA error, the red the Declination error and the yellow is the star mass.
The vertical scale is in arc-second. It is adjusted automatically for the current range, so don't be afraid by large apparent variation as long the total range is small.

Below the graph is the current RMS error of the last 100 guide frames.

Double click on the graph to clear the graph and start new statistics.

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