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0001342SkyChart1-Softwarepublic14-07-30 17:56
ReporterRichard Jarnagin Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7 Pro 64 bit
Product Version3.10 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version3.11 SVN 
Summary0001342: Unexpected action when clicking on planets icon in toolbar
DescriptionWhen I click on the "Show planets" icon in the top toolbar, not only do the planets disappear from view as one would expect, but (1)Ceres and (4)Vesta switch places in the sky. They retain their numbering (1) and (4) respectively, but the name and numbering of each object switches places in the sky with the other object every time I click on the "Show planets" icon in the toolbar. Also, Messier objects M89 and M90 toggle back and forth into view every time I click the "Show planets" icon in the toolbar... one click, M89 shows on the screen, another click, M89 disappears and M90 appears on the screen. Weird. Meanwhile, there are numerous other Messier objects all around them that are unaffected. Correction, the behavior of the error just changed when the view rotated due to the passage of time. Now, M87 blinks on, M90 is stable, and M89 is nowhere to be seen, even though it is still way above the horizon. Ceres and Vesta are still switching places in the sky every time I click on the "Show planets" icon in the toolbar.
Steps To ReproduceExited software, opened again, clicked "Show planets" icon in the toolbar repeatedly with same results.
Additional InformationNone, except I'm surprised at all the bugs in this software at version 3.10 after all these years.
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Richard Jarnagin

14-07-05 05:07

reporter   ~0002895

Bug also affects some of the NGC object labels causing them to appear and disappear.

Patrick Chevalley

14-07-30 11:03

administrator   ~0002902

This is a side effect of the automatic label placement algorithm.

You can avoid this problem by disabling this option in Setup / Display / Labels, uncheck "Automatically optimize the label placement". But you also need to show less labels to avoid overlapping.

But in any case the object location is not affected, only the label are moved from left to right or a label for another Messier object is show because of change in the precedence order.

I will try to make the sort algorithm more stable when some objects are added or removed.

Patrick Chevalley

14-07-30 17:56

administrator   ~0002904

This is fixed by revision 2969:

This also fix dancing labels when running an animation.

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