Released 19-10-21
0002622: [1-Software] Connect telescope and GUI menus has some fields colored in black (Patrick Chevalley)
0002587: [1-Software] Les planètes n'apparaissent pas sur la carte
0002560: [1-Software] Menu (Patrick Chevalley)
0002525: [1-Software] server connection kept alive indefinitely (Patrick Chevalley)
0002522: [1-Software] Error when starting Ciel 4.3 (Patrick Chevalley)
0002520: [1-Software] HTTPS download do not work when only libssl version 3 is installed (Patrick Chevalley)
0002469: [1-Software] Button to lock the magnitude filter at the current value
0002466: [1-Software] Skychart (Carte Du Ciel) - disconnects from ASCOM after remaining connected for a few minutes
0002483: [1-Software] In some configuration screens text may overlap or not be visible (Patrick Chevalley)
0002498: [1-Software] Parsing and processing artificial satellite file TLE.ZIP results in error: YYYY-M-DD is not a valid date specification. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002494: [1-Software] VO objects appearance doesn't follow the settings (Patrick Chevalley)
0002454: [1-Software] Need Button to copy text in the Status Bar to the clipboard. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002425: [2-Catalog data] Comet Hale-Bopp ephemeris off (Patrick Chevalley)
0002415: [1-Software] Possible anomaly in drawing lines from catalogs created with catgen (Patrick Chevalley)
0002418: [1-Software] Observing List has to be opened twice to become visible (Patrick Chevalley)
0002413: [1-Software] Ephemeris data about rise transit and set showing UTC time instead of local time
0002405: [1-Software] CdC Version 4.3 beta 4257 error- Menu: All configuration Optons (Patrick Chevalley)
0002369: [1-Software] Program loads, not visible (Patrick Chevalley)
0002373: [1-Software] Feature request: horizon picture darkening with the arrival of night time (Patrick Chevalley)
0002380: [1-Software] Saturn Satellite displayed position incorrect (Patrick Chevalley)
0002381: [1-Software] Changement du répertoire catalogue impossible sur CdC Hipparcos (Patrick Chevalley)
0002358: [1-Software] Printout - with lines (Patrick Chevalley)
0002361: [1-Software] FOVI Guider dont turn with SHIFT Command (Patrick Chevalley)
0002345: [1-Software] Comet/asteroid trajectories are hidden when object is too far outside viewport (Patrick Chevalley)
0002343: [1-Software] 1st "APT > Show" to CdC gives wrong location (Patrick Chevalley)
0002344: [1-Software] Making observing list able to load mosaic cdcc files (Patrick Chevalley)
0002324: [1-Software] Cartes Du Ciel HandPad Malfunction (Patrick Chevalley)
0002319: [1-Software] Solar System objects not displayed (Patrick Chevalley)
0002302: [2-Catalog data] NGC2652 (non-existent) shows adjacent to NGC2974
0000266: [1-Software] Comets and asteroids
0001758: [1-Software] Display the trajectory of a single comet/asteroid (Patrick Chevalley)
0002313: [1-Software] CdC. Object details - Visibility info missing (Patrick Chevalley)
0002314: [1-Software] Custom comet mark on chart can no be updated (Patrick Chevalley)
0002269: [1-Software] Could not load library (Patrick Chevalley)
0002243: [1-Software] Cartes du Ciel is disconnecting from INDI our telescope driver when GoTo destination rejected (Patrick Chevalley)
0002227: [1-Software] 'skychart' has broken version information on macOS (Patrick Chevalley)
0002232: [1-Software] Objects flatten if they reach zenith (Patrick Chevalley)
0002222: [1-Software] Neighbour list showing Stars (which should be not there), 50 Pixel meaning not clear, not configurable? (Patrick Chevalley)
0002215: [1-Software] Simulation during transit (Patrick Chevalley)
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Released 17-03-20
0002209: [Other] Updated icons (Patrick Chevalley)
0002193: [1-Software] "Orient to Pole" labels are placed incorrectly. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002187: [1-Software] Wrong moon illumination in twilight calendar (Patrick Chevalley)
0002205: [1-Software] Confusing rendering of overlapping objects (Patrick Chevalley)
0002200: [1-Software] Automatically delete old comet and asteroid elements (Patrick Chevalley)
0002178: [1-Software] Mosaic building close to celestial poles. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002168: [1-Software] Major update for u_290.pas (Patrick Chevalley)
0002106: [1-Software] Time increment increments do not work properly transitioning through 00:00:00 (Patrick Chevalley)
0002145: [1-Software] Saved charts not displaying correctly when loaded. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002157: [1-Software] same star, different properties (Patrick Chevalley)
0002153: [1-Software] No celestial equator on its own. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002096: [1-Software] Horizon files are not tied to the observatory (Patrick Chevalley)
0002134: [1-Software] Make planet track labels manually movaeable/rotatable (Patrick Chevalley)
0002137: [1-Software] Better track visualization (Patrick Chevalley)
0002118: [1-Software] Cannot display asteroid positions using CatGen - Catalog tutorial (Patrick Chevalley)
0002122: [1-Software] Wrong icon for menu Telescope -> Telescope settings (Patrick Chevalley)
0002119: [1-Software] Dotted line around planets/sun in linear mode (Patrick Chevalley)
0002114: [1-Software] Closing (normally or abnormally) of ASCOM driver for Sitech mount will always leed to losing control of CdC (Patrick Chevalley)
0002079: [1-Software] Carte du Ciel doesn't start (Patrick Chevalley)
0002068: [1-Software] Text visibility issues for TEdit (Patrick Chevalley)
0002078: [1-Software] Slow picture initialization when DSO is present - Ubuntu rise "Skychart is not resoinding: (Patrick Chevalley)
0002089: [1-Software] Clashes two Gui components in Picture… (Patrick Chevalley)
0002073: [1-Software] Wrong coordinate grid and pos when changing coordinates from EQ to AZ and back to EQ (Ursa Minor) (Patrick Chevalley)
0002061: [1-Software] Chart doesn't center on SAMP received coordinates (Patrick Chevalley)
0002054: [1-Software] Screen fonts, highlights not visible against window background color when Mac "Appearance" set to "Dark" (Patrick Chevalley)
0002029: [1-Software] Choosing "All configuration options" generates error message (Patrick Chevalley)
0002014: [1-Software] Planet date label crowding in simulation (Patrick Chevalley)
0002012: [1-Software] Access Violation when trying to select a font MacOS (Patrick Chevalley)
0002010: [1-Software] Strange behavior of right click menu
0001993: [1-Software] Non relevant warning message for asteroids. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001985: [1-Software] Fix on coordinates (Patrick Chevalley)
0001968: [1-Software] Finding Mars (Patrick Chevalley)
0001972: [1-Software] Asteroids Will Not Update (Patrick Chevalley)
0001979: [1-Software] The Comet Data cannot download and update (Patrick Chevalley)
0001960: [1-Software] "All configuration options..." throws error (Patrick Chevalley)
0001736: [1-Software] Warnings after first start (Patrick Chevalley)
0001933: [1-Software] Save chart image - extension issues (Patrick Chevalley)
0001942: [Other] In Daemon-Mode resize has no effect (Patrick Chevalley)
0001918: [1-Software] crosshair issue in display-finder circle menu. Issue appears on screen and another anomaly well as print (Patrick Chevalley)
0001846: [1-Software] Crashed with alert message (Patrick Chevalley)
0001683: [1-Software] Sometime the Tour window lost focus during observing (Patrick Chevalley)
0001415: [1-Software] Change URL for AAVSO charts (Patrick Chevalley)
0001847: [1-Software] Possible bug with cursor coordinates? (Patrick Chevalley)
0001849: [1-Software] Chart copy to clipboard do not work (Patrick Chevalley)
0001850: [1-Software] calcolo traiettoria anomala (Patrick Chevalley)
0001841: [1-Software] "Solar System Information" crashes when minimized (Patrick Chevalley)
0001838: [1-Software] forme de l'ombre de la Terre à l'horizon et différence d'obscurcissement selon carte horizontale ou équatoriale (Patrick Chevalley)
0001831: [1-Software] Earth Umbra not at the correct place on Moon eclipse of 20180727 at Moon rise in Liege (Patrick Chevalley)
0001796: [2-Catalog data] Updated OpenNGC catalog available
0001797: [1-Software] Some icons missing hint text
0001795: [1-Software] Changed night vision icon for dark theme
0001794: [1-Software] Menu icons should not follow toolbar icons size
0001793: [1-Software] Appdata for the main program should be moved to metadata directory
0001750: [1-Software] Request for GPS input function in Observatory section. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001741: [1-Software] Interface to remote connection wINDI does not work properly. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001498: [1-Software] Search and lock issues (Patrick Chevalley)
0001744: [1-Software] Solar system information: Active button shape (Patrick Chevalley)
0001743: [1-Software] skychart does not respond to any input. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001729: [1-Software] CDC with MySQL - some problems (Patrick Chevalley)
0001728: [1-Software] Searching asteroids and comets - a straightforward approach (Patrick Chevalley)
0001732: [1-Software] milky way display of "picture mode" (Patrick Chevalley)
0001727: [1-Software] pu_search.pas - several memory leaks and other minor changes (Patrick Chevalley)
0001724: [1-Software] Searching asteroids doesn't match (Patrick Chevalley)
0001723: [1-Software] Unable to change Info Detail font size (Patrick Chevalley)
0001722: [1-Software] MPC - aborted download (Patrick Chevalley)
0001720: [1-Software] MPC - progress report (Patrick Chevalley)
0001669: [1-Software] Download progress (Patrick Chevalley)
0000295: [1-Software] FTP download window allways on top of all application-windows (Patrick Chevalley)
0001717: [1-Software] Calculs instables années négatives (Patrick Chevalley)
0001712: [1-Software] Lat, Long and Alt - floationg point input (Patrick Chevalley)
0001706: [1-Software] Artificial satellites tab - cut off width of datetime (Patrick Chevalley)
0001702: [1-Software] Error using openSSL 1.1 (Patrick Chevalley)
0001698: [1-Software] Search software update (Patrick Chevalley)
0001690: [1-Software] Trouble using telescope (Patrick Chevalley)
0001689: [1-Software] Ciel 4.0-3575 Clock window not displaying correctly (Patrick Chevalley)
0001696: [1-Software] Crash after site configuration (Patrick Chevalley)
0001685: [1-Software] Galaxy center slightly under horizon disappears (Patrick Chevalley)
0001681: [1-Software] The text is unreadable (Patrick Chevalley)
0001682: [1-Software] Varobs problem with accented character in path (Patrick Chevalley)
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Released 17-03-19
0001686: [1-Software] Installing SkyChart 4.0 reports uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1) (Patrick Chevalley)
0001522: [1-Software] Adding icons for small FOV (Patrick Chevalley)
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