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0002137SkyChart1-Softwarepublic19-06-20 07:57
ReporterBirgerAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Product Version4.1 SVN 
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Summary0002137: Better track visualization
DescriptionThank you for an amazing program.

I would like better planet tracking visualization. As of now, you can only show a planet's path in the sky with the 'simulation' tool under Date and time window. This is a great tool, but I would like some further improvements.

For example, it should be possible to track any date interval, e.g. Mars path between 2000-01-01 and 2001-06-01 without having to set the actual time to that date in the chart you're currently using. And it would be neat to only show the path of the planet, without markers of any kind. Just a line that follows the planet's path in the sky.

SkyTechX has this very feature, for reference.

Once again I would like to thank you for this wonderful program.
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Patrick Chevalley

19-05-30 09:23

administrator   ~0005656

OK to remove the planet plot when the "Show mark" option is checked, this can make the path more clear. Initially this option was to mark the position of comet or asteroid too faint to plot on the chart.

But I not see the interest to use another date for the path.
For example if you select the simulation only for Mars, from January to June 2001, do you expect to see Jupiter at it's June 2019 position near Mars in April 2001?
Or if you plot the path for Mercury near the horizon, you probably want the horizon for the simulation date.
So in any case the chart date must be changed to the simulation start date.


19-05-30 11:48

reporter   ~0005658

"For example if you select the simulation only for Mars, from January to June 2001, do you expect to see Jupiter at it's June 2019 position near Mars in April 2001?"

Yes, that's how I would like it to work. You show the path of Mars within a certain date interval, regardless of the other planets' positions and the current date. If you want to show where Jupiter might be at the same time, you choose to display both planets' paths.

Patrick Chevalley

19-06-20 07:57

administrator   ~0005702

I am sure this will be regarded as a bug by 99% of the users so I not want to implement that.

So I stay with the current change for the path drawing that is now available in the beta version.

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