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0002494SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-12-04 20:14
Reporterclouzot Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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PlatformMacOSmacOSOS Version10.13
Target Version4.4Fixed in Version4.3 beta 
Summary0002494: VO objects appearance doesn't follow the settings
DescriptionVO objects appearance doesn't follow the settings. For the one catalog I tried, it appears as stars whereas the display setting was "deep sky object".
Steps To ReproduceSteps to repro for example:
- download Abell's "Rich Cluster of Galaxies" catalog from Vizier
- set the catalog to appear as "Deep Sky Object" and choose any shape (cluster, circle, lozenge...)
- Update + Apply

-> ACO objects will then be displayed as stars. What's more, they follow the star appearance setting (photographic, etc...) so there's something fishy here.
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21-12-04 14:07


Patrick Chevalley

21-12-04 17:36

administrator   ~0007299

Thank you to report this problem.

I can reproduce the issue by using the Update function in the VO catalog list if it was selected to draw as star in the first download.
If you create directly the entry with "draw as DSO" it work and plot the lozenge.

The quick solution is to delete the catalog from the list, then add it again and be sure to directly select "Draw as DSO"
Changing the color, drawing shape or default size using the Update button work as expected.

Note the lozenge will always be draw with the default size because the Abell catalog do not include any information about the size of the cluster.

Patrick Chevalley

21-12-04 18:13

administrator   ~0007300

I fix the issue when changing from Star to DSO:

This will be in next beta on Monday, in the mean time you can delete and re-create the VO catalog. Please confirm this work for you.


21-12-04 18:25

reporter   ~0007301

Merci Patrick,

I can confirm the workaround works as you describe: if the catalog display options are immediately set to DSO upon creation, then further modifications through "Update" (object type and display color for ex) are indeed taken into account.
Side note: I didn't immediately realize that this one catalog had no size information, so I'll probably switch to a user-contributed, non-VO version of it (the expanded Abell-Zwicky has way too many clusters to be of practical use for me!)

Patrick Chevalley

21-12-04 19:43

administrator   ~0007302

Thank you for the confirmation.

Yes the missing size is annoying for us.

There is one here
It work but the name search do not work because of missing prefix.
Maybe I can look to make a new extract of Abell-Zwicky to include with the standard catalog.

Patrick Chevalley

21-12-04 20:14

administrator   ~0007303

A VO solution, search Abell Zwicky , select catalog VII/4A, in the table selection select the Abell table.
This show only the 2700 Abell cluster directly with the size.

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