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0001450SkyChart1-Softwarepublic17-10-21 20:28
ReporterLance CarterAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version3.11 SVN 
Target Version4.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0001450: Add options to set width for grid lines, constellational figures, boundaries, etc.
DescriptionAdd options to set width for grid lines, constellation figures, boundaries, etc.
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15-09-20 00:12 Lance Carter New Issue
16-01-28 11:48 Patrick Chevalley Assigned To => Patrick Chevalley
16-01-28 11:48 Patrick Chevalley Status new => assigned
16-01-28 11:48 Patrick Chevalley Fixed in Version 0.3.0 =>
16-01-28 11:48 Patrick Chevalley Target Version 0.3.0 => 4.2
17-10-21 20:28 Patrick Chevalley Target Version 4.2 => 4.4